januar 17, 2018

Hillsborough County firefighter gets the ax after investigators find ties to motorcycle gang

Hillsborough County officials fired a Fire Rescue medic Tuesday after an internal investigation concluded he had "unwavering loyalty" to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club — the state’s dominant biker gang. Clinton Neal Walker, 33, of Bradenton, is the first Hillsborough County employee to be investigated for gang activity under a series of county-wide ordinances sparked by Walker’s own arrest last September for starting a bar fight in Key West. The fight came just three months after he was placed on administrative leave for joining another bar brawl in May 2016, this time in St. Petersburg with a city police officer.

The ordinances prohibit county employees from gaining membership in any organization the state or federal government considers criminal, including the Outlaws St. Petersburg Chapter, where Walker remains an active member. Walker has been on paid administrative leave since his supervisors learned of his arrest in September, department spokesman Corey Dierdorff said. He has 10 days to appeal his involuntary dismissal to the county’s Civil Service Board.

The county’s investigative report shows Walker has a history of HR investigations into job misconduct dating back to October 2008, when he showed up to work about 45 minutes late with no explanation. Among the more serious accusations in the report: paid suspensions for carrying an illegal firearm while off duty; withholding evidence from sheriff’s deputies that tied the Outlaws to a shooting last July; and, last November, using his employment as a county firefighter to avoid getting arrested after arguing with a clerk at the Manatee County Tax Collector’s Office and with responding sheriff’s deputies.

The investigative report that resulted in Walker’s firing noted that he already was serving a 240-hour suspension for his Key West arrest when he dressed in his fire rescue uniform on July 25 to fraudulently collect evidence from a fellow gang member involved in a shooting.

A responding EMT had called Walker to tell him that the president of the Outlaws St. Petersburg Chapter, James Costa, was shot while riding his motorcycle on U.S. Highway 41 in south Hillsborough. Costa also worked for Hillsborough County Fire Rescue until retiring as a Fire Captain in 2016 following media reports that publicized his ties to the gang.

Though he wasn’t on duty, Walker met fire rescue crews at the scene of the shooting, jumped into the back of Costa’s ambulance and changed into his Fire Rescue uniform while accompanying Costa to the hospital, the report said. Walker never offered to help the responding rescue crews. Instead he took Costa’s belongings, including his motorcycle vest with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club patch and insignia, and hid them in his car, the report said.
"Mr. Walker would not have been able to take possession of the OMC patch and insignias if he was considered an outsider, especially since numerous OMC members were at the hospital that night," wrote James Orr, a former FBI agent who did the investigation. "... In response, Mr. Walker would state that he was acting as a friend, taking Mr. Costa’s property for safekeeping to release it to his wife."

Walker initially refused to provide the vest to sheriff’s deputies even when told it needed to be processed as evidence in a felony case, the report said. Walker only surrendered the vest when a Manatee County Sheriff’s corporal agreed to simply photograph it and then turn it over to Costa’s wife, the report said.

Deputies told Orr that Walker was joined by about 10 known Outlaw members at the hospital and joined them in repeated attempts at pressuring deputies to turn over Costa’s belt, which had OMC insignia on its buckle and imprinted on the leather.
"Mr. Walker wore his uniform to gain unauthorized access and he utilized his position as a uniformed firefighter for personal reasons/gain," the report said.

The Sheriff’s Office has yet to finish their investigating into Costa’s shooting. Walker still faces one pending criminal misdemeanor charge for injuring two employees at the Key West bar.


No Surrender members arrested in investigation into Almere woman's murder

The police arrested two members of outlaw motorcycle club No Surrender who they believe may have been involved in the murder of from Almere. The two men, aged 32 and 40, were arrested in Amsterdam on Monday, the police said in a statement on Tuesday.

The No Surrender members are actually suspected of being involved in a violent robbery in Literatuurwijk in Almere in December 2016, in which a 78-year-old woman was hurt. The police believe that this robbery may be connected to the death of 43-year-old Esther Paul, whose

The police suspect that Paul may have been murdered in a conflict that may stem from the robbery in Almere.
According to the Telegraaf, Esther Paul is the ex girlfriend of Frank G. - a main suspect in a cannabis case around the former director fo Amsterdam taxi center TCA. According to the newspaper, Paul kept large sums of money at her home. A man came to pick up money on behalf of a criminal, but it was gone. "Esther was warned several times, but the money did not reappear", an acquaintance of Paul said to the newspaper.

In the days before her death, Paul was staying in a chalet on camping grounds Riviera Beach in Biddinguizen, about 8 kilometers from where her body was found. The were reports that , though the police did not comment what or who she was hiding from.

Holland - BN.

januar 16, 2018

The Pagan's Motorcycle Club still rides, wreaks havoc at Jersey Shore

The Pagan’s Motorcycle Club was never the biggest outlaw motorcycle club in the nation, but members liked to think that, pound-for-pound, none was tougher.
Three Pagans, one former member said, could “do anything,” and if there are more, well, that’s even better, or worse for whoever is in their way.
“You give me six good Pagans and I could take over the country,” said James “Jimmy D” DeGregorio, a former high-ranking member of the Pagans in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area.
“They are a hard-core gang. Period. Small but mighty.”
The PMC, founded in Maryland in 1959,  was back in the news last week at the Jersey Shore for the usual reasons: accusations of drug dealing, murder plots, and an old, familiar problem that’s plagued the group for decades: undercover agents and confidential informants recording them.
“It’s insane,” DeGregorio said. “It always happens. There ain’t a cop in the world that didn’t bust a case without someone on the inside. The thing that makes a good detective is a good snitch.”

DeGregorio spent time in prison for shooting a bodyguard for late Philadelphia mob boss Phil “Chicken Man” Testa. He has also testified against PMC members. Now he lives in Florida.

The Pagans’ latest brush with the law involves an unlikely accomplice, Dr. James Kauffman, an endocrinologist accused of  running a vast, prescription-drug ring out of his Egg Harbor Township office with the club’s help. Authorities say Kauffman, with the Pagans’ aid, arranged the murder of his wife, April, in May 2012, out of fear she would expose the enterprise.

Those same Pagans who helped Kauffman, authorities said, plotted to kill him in the Atlantic County jail after he was arrested on weapons charges this past June.  The top Pagan implicated in the Kauffman case, Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello, cuts a clean appearance, at least on Facebook, where many Pagans flaunt their affiliations. There are no pictures of motorcycles, or Augello wearing the Pagans’ “colors,” the patches they wear on denim vests with an image of the Norse god Surtr sewn on.


Biker murder trial: Videos show accused youth pacing outside club

The jury in the shooting death of a London bike gang member viewed a video on Monday of the crucial seconds leading up to the incident. The youth accused of first-degree murder is seen pacing back and forth in front of four security cameras just outside the after-hours club run by the victim, Steve Sinclair.

But just before 5 a.m, the youth dons a glove, appears to pull something from his clothing and strides quickly across the view of a security camera. Sgt. James MacLachlan, the London police detective who analysed hours of security video, said the accused youth seemed to be walking “purposefully” after a couple of hours of casually strolling around the property.

The audio then picks up the sound of three gunshots, but an image of the shooting is not captured by any of the four cameras. A 17-year-old Hamilton teen has pleaded not guilty in the death of Sinclair, a 49-year-old sheet metal worker and member of the Gate Keepers, a support club for the Hells Angels.

The defence lawyers for the youth do not dispute he is the person seen in the video.
The name of the youth, who was 15 at the time of the shooting on Sept. 6, 2015, cannot be published under Canada's youth justice law. MacLachlan said there are a number of people seen on the video walking around the parking lot over the course of several hours, but the accused youth was the only one wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

While the moment of the shot was not captured on video, other witnesses who testified Monday say they say a male wearing a hoodie raise his arm and shoot. Miranda Ford, a patron of the unlicensed after-hours club known as The Lounge, said she heard someone say something “aggressive” to Sinclair. She said then saw a tall thin male in a hoodie raise his arm and fire shots.

Bilal Taj, a taxi driver who was parked in the lot, also testified he heard the shots and looked up as the hooded male fired the final shot. The trial continues Wednesday with testimony from Hamilton police officers who arrested the youth in that city about a week after the shooting.

Canada - BN.

Three men charged in Michael Bonin's murder

Global is reporting that "Three men have now been charged in the death of a 20-year-old man from Alberta last year. The body of Michael Bonin, from Rycroft Alberta, was discovered on a rural forest service road north of Hope, B.C. on April 20, 2017. This past weekend, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) and partner agencies arrested 26-year-old Ryan Watt, 20-year-old Joshua Fleurant and 27-year-old Jared Jorgenson. All three have now been charged with first-degree murder, and will appear in a court in B.C. on Monday."

In 2015 Castanet reported that Joshua Fleurant was arrested in a Kelowna car theft ring. Johnny Newcome was busted in Kelowna for a huge stolen car ring tied to the HAs. CBC is reporting that Michael Bonin was a native of Prince George. We know the HAs control the drug trade in PG.

Kamloops Info News is reporting that the three men charged in Micheal's murder will be appearing in Kelowna court. "Fleurant also appears to have known Bonin. They were both charged with theft of a vehicle from Kamloops among other charges."

The 15 year old bystander hit in a Vancouver shooting has died.

Canada - GO/DW.

januar 15, 2018

A new beginning: The Sutars Soldiers Motorcycle Club on the rise. A true story of real brotherhood against all odds.

Insane Throttle Biker news has been following a little-known club on the East Coast, one with a hell of a story behind its beginnings. It’s known as the Sutars Soldiers M/C and was founded by the ex-National President of the Pagans DENNIS ROOSTER KATONA. The story starts out on July 1st, 2011 when officials raided Roosters house on a bunch of bullshit charges.

Here is one of the original newspaper articles on the incident.

After being arrested and going through all the court shit, it was soon revealed that members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club wore wires to set up Rooster and many of his associates that make up the Sutars Soldiers M/C. Think about it, those who you called brother working against you with cops so they can get out of whatever bullshit they put themselves into. This is the type of world we are now living in, be the gangster until the cops come down on your ass, then cut a deal on your brothers to get out of it.

I must admit as I followed the case of Rooster, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing most of the time. The Pagans M/C were one of the premier top of the line hardcore 1%er clubs . But to see what was happening to the National Boss and Associates blew that narrative right out of the water for me. I couldn’t fathom a Pagan turning on another Pagan, after all, the Pagans were the elite unit who’s secrecy has been a legend in the motorcycling community.

Rooster was found guilty of intent to distribute a controlled substance at a bench trial in Pennsylvania state court in 2014 and was sentenced to 3-to-7 year prison sentence resulting from the rat setting him up and working with the government. We are proud to report that Rooster won his appeal and was set free because of the abuse of warrant powers . Sound familiar? Why the case the FBI did against Trump should resonate with every American Citizen. The American citizen does not realize just how uncontrolled this government really is, in the two following videos you can see the appeals court smacking down the government in the way they went about setting up Rooster.

The Sultan Soldiers about us section on their website states.

Sutars Soldiers MC is a 1%er motorcycle club comprised of former members of the Pagan’s MC. Founded by former National President Dennis “Rooster” Katona, former Chapter Presidents, and former Loyal members dedicated to old school principals of Brotherhood, Loyalty, Trust, and Honor.

We have NO association with the Pagan’s MC or their support clubs and We wish them well in their endeavors.” For those who would claim that they are a pop-up club, a club that did not follow proper protocol are all full of shit. Plain and simple. I bring that up because I’ve seen numerous websites that call themselves “Biker News” sites report that kind of crap. These are a group of brothers that were more than disenfranchised with their former club and started their own thing for a damn good reason.

I’d be out there to start my own thing if people I called brothers turned states evidence against me.
Pop up clubs is a subject that always burns the shit out of me. Especially in the case of the Sutars Soldiers or even in the cases of Cossacks and Kinfolk M/C. The members of these clubs sometimes put almost 20 years into their former clubs, blood sweat and tears into them. But for some reason or another these men left because of something that transpired and left a bad taste in their mouth so they decide to leave and start something that was more in line with what they thought brotherhood should be.

Here’s what makes up the critics of these new clubs. Internet keyboard warriors who never rode in a damn club, supporters of one club or another, or assholes who just have no idea what the hell they are talking about. With the internet, things have changed with clubs, good and bad. What shouldn’t be happening is these internet ass-monkeys causing problems between clubs. Know it or not, they are the ones causing and driving all the rivalries between clubs. If you’re one of those people that I just described, get a fucking life, get a bike and be a man, go prospect for a club then run your mouth like you know something. Until then, shut the fuck up because your getting men killed.

The Sultan Soldiers have welcomed to their club PENNSYLVANIA, OHIO, WVa, MD, NY, VIRGINIA. They also have a chapter in Germany. To show these guys some love, go to their website where you can purchase some support gear. After all these guys have gone through, I know the support will be greatly appreciated. We hope to see them grow and prosper in the years to come. Hopefully, we can get one of them on the Motorcycle Madhouse to share with us all the crap they had to go through to get to where they are today. Don’t forget to visit Insane Throttles new Biker Social Network Site at www.bikermadhouse.com

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81 Madchild Diss

Well it looks like the Big Red Machine have sucked out all the money they can from Madchild and have cast him aside like an old shoe. When the money is gone so are they. With friends like that, who needs enemies. GHB predator? Who the f*ck do you think sold it to him? The Battle Axe Barbies have left the house. The new kids are on the block.

This is what I mean about fake news. The police brag about busting a tiny rival with one SKS, a shotgun and a spudun when they stand by and watch this stash of weapons. Do the math. The PoPo haven't lifted a finger to bust the HAs since the OMGU was disbanded.

Spike's place made a video yo - Haney Hawgs.

They even have the Haney Clubhouse at the end of a video.

From Haney to Hellside, Alberta the PoPo suck. F*ck Ktown.

Canada - GO/DW.

Outlaws Murder Defendant Gets Prosecution's Witness List

It's been practically two months since Jeremy Boshears, a member of the Joliet Outlaws motorcycle riding club, was booked into Will County's Adult Detention Facility in connection with the disappearance and murder of Katie Kearns, a 24-year-old Joliet bartender. A $10 million bond was put in place against the former Joliet resident who lived in Coal City and worked in Frankfort for S&J Door at the time of the November murder. Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow aims to prove that Boshears is a cold-blooded and calculating killer. The $10 million bond virtually assures the public that Boshears won't be getting out of lockup before any trial. Joliet attorney Neil Patel recently informed the court his client maintains he is innocent.

In October, Kearns began tending bar once a week at Woody's Bar on Joliet's East Washington Street. She was driving into Joliet from out by Mokena. On Sunday night, Nov. 12, she disappeared after leaving Woody's. A few days later, the Will County Sheriff's Department found her dead body inside the back of the Jeep she drove. The vehicle turned up about an hour southeast of Joliet in rural Kankakee County. She was fatally shot in the head. Boshears was taken into Will County's custody and he has remained in jail ever since.

Recently, Assistant Will County State's Attorney Steven Platek began sharing the prosecution's files with Patel, the criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Chuck Bretz & Associates. Court documents show that more than 50 people "may be called to testify on behalf of the People of the State of Illinois" against Boshears. He faces three counts of first-degree murder all stemming from the slaying of Kearns, who recently began a romance with the married man affiliated with the Joliet Outlaws motorcycle club. Patel told reporters in November that Boshears had been married about 10 years.

  1. Rachel George, Coal City, wife of Jeremy Boshears
  2. Shari DePratt, Channahon resident, manager at Woody's Bar
  3. Ronald J. Keagle and Georgia L. Keagle of St. Anne, IL
  4. Kevin Kearns and Matthew Kearns, Mokena residents, victim's family
  5. Eric S. Chavez, Joliet resident on Adella Avenue
  6. Rebecca Holbrook, address unknown
  7. Robert Cecola, address unknown
  8. Mike Aprile, address unknown
  9. Kayla Patton, address unknown
  10. Wade Lake, Joliet's Cayuga Street
  11. Angela J. Smith, Channahon
  12. Kassidy Henry, Manhattan
  13. Marie Roche, Joliet resident of Loganberry Lane
  14. Daniel Brandt, Joliet resident on Cottage Place
  15. Colburn M. Oneal, Marseilles resident
  1. Christina Calvillo, Walmart store, New Lenox
  2. Ryan's Collision Service, Joliet's 1229 E. Washington St.
  3. Will County Children's Advocacy Center, Joliet
  4. Phil Pfingtson (sic) of Ingalls Park Athletic Club
  5. Franklin Equipment, Joliet's 2324 E. Washington St.
  6. Burris Equipment, Joliet's 2001 Cherry Hill Road
  7. Outlaws Clubhouse, Joliet's 1915 Washington St.
  8. Sunshine Food Mart, Joliet's 1922 E. Washington St.
  1. Deputy M. Stortz
  2. Deputy Gabrielson
  3. Deputy Janovyak
  4. Deputy D. Jungles
  5. Deputy J. Miller
  6. Deputy B. O'Leary
  7. Deputy J. Tolbert
  8. Deputy E. Goewey
  9. Detective V. DiSalvo
  10. Detective Sgt. D. Troike
  11. Detective A. Beckman
  12. Detective J. Reid
  13. Detective Burkett
  14. Deputy G. Whited
  15. Detective K. Topolewski
  16. Detective Grozik
  17. Deputy C. Kahr
  18. Deputy M. Eriks
  19. Deputy T. Bergin
  20. Deputy Ambrosini
  21. Deputy P. Jones
  22. Deputy M. Shaughnessy
  23. Deputy Simeon
  24. Deputy J. Cowe
  25. Sgt. J. Zdzinicki
  26. Sgt. McCleverty
  1. Joliet Police Detective Voudrie
  2. Dr. Valerie Arangelovich, Kankakee County Morgue
  3. Janae Williamson, Kankakee County Morgue
Murder defendant Boshears has a pretrial hearing Feb. 13 at the Will County Courthouse, Courtroom 404.


One dead after motorcycle club event, multiple injured

Eutaw police are investigating a death at the Eutaw National Guard Armory around 2 am Sunday morning. According to Eutaw Police Chief Derek Coleman, the Sin City motorcycle club was hosting an event at the armory. A shooting occurred which left 5 or 6 people with injuries. Their condition is unknown at this time. Greene County Coroner Ron Smith says the names of the victims will not be released until their families have been notified. SBI agents with the ALEA are currently investigating.


januar 13, 2018

ALLE AFLEVERINGEN VAN CAPTAIN HENK - Henk kuipers leider van No Surrender

Adam Strong implicated in Rori Hache's murder

City news is reporting that "Police are treating the death of Dionne’s daughter, 18-year-old Rori Hache, as a homicide but have not yet laid murder charges in the case. Adam Strong, a 45-year-old charged in the case with indecent interference to a body, made a brief video appearance in an Oshawa court." The Toronto Sun is reporting that Cops were tipped off that there were body parts in Strong’s basement apartment and he was arrested Dec. 29.

Canada - GO/DW.
An elite chapter of the Hells Angels has indeed returned to the capital region, the Ontario Provincial Police confirm.
The Nomads have resumed operations in the same clubhouse on Piperville Road that they abandoned in 2016 in an abrupt disbanding of the Ottawa chapter.

The OPP could not say why the bikers have returned, but said they continue to monitor the outlaw motorcycle gang.

Radio-Canada reported this week that the Nomads had resurged in Ottawa since “violent in-fighting in the summer of 2016 forced them to lie low.” Radio-Canada, citing anonymous police sources, reported that the “Ottawa-based Nomads chapter recently obtained a new charter from the Hells Angels, but will need to be careful not to encroach on territory ruled by Quebec Hells Angels.”
The OPP’s biker enforcement unit believes the comeback has been recent, with the Nomads returning to the area in the new year.

The chapter hasn’t had an official presence in Ottawa since August 2016, one month after hosting a national Angels convention that saw hundreds of confirmed members and supporters gather in the capital region. The chapter was then abruptly shut down by the Angels. The OPP, at the time, wouldn’t speculate about why the move was made.

Radio-Canada reported this week that disputed drug territory and profits created years of bad blood between the Sherbrooke Hells Angels in Quebec and the Ottawa Nomads. And that the Nomads disbanded when the Quebec chapter won out.

Recent estimates suggest there about 170 full-patch Angels in Ontario. About 100 others would be considered “hangarounds” and prospects. The Ottawa-based Nomads were founded by Paul “Sasquatch” Porter, who led a mass defection from the Rock Machine during Quebec’s biker war, a bloody turf war that lasted nearly a decade from the mid-’90s to the early 2000s. Porter survived two assassination attempts.

In April 2016, just months before the Nomads were disbanded, Phillip Boudreault, the chapter’s vice-president and a former Olympic boxer, was shot while riding his motorcycle in Lachute, Que.
The infamous Nomads clubhouse in Carlsbad Springs was also used by the Red Devils Motorcycle Club, a puppet club for the Angels. That club has continued to have a presence in the region even since the Nomads closed up shop.

Canada - BN.

januar 11, 2018

Rockerveteranen 'Fehår' tiltalt: Risikerer livstid

Den 55-årige Hells Angels-rocker Jørgen Rinke – kendt som 'Fehår' – risikerer at skulle sidde i fængsel resten af sit liv. Københavns Politi har rejst tiltale mod toprockeren for at være bagmand i en større hashliga.

Efter fire år i frihed risikerer den drabsdømte HA-rocker Jørgen 'Fehår' Rinke en alvorlig dom for omfattende handel med hash.

Københavns Politi har valgt at rejse tiltale mod Fehår som led i en større hash-sag. HA-rockeren er mere konkret tiltalt for at være en af bagmændene i en ring af hashhandlere, der ifølge politiet står bag handel med store mængder hash og cannabisprodukter i Pusherstreet på Christiania.

Fehår blev anholdt i april under en stor politiaktion, hvor 21 adresser i Københavnsområdet blev ransaget. Under ransagningerne beslaglagde politiet 755.000 kroner i kontanter, guldringe, en pistol med skarp ammunition, en signalpistol, peberspray, politiuniformer, en ny Harley Davidson motorcykel, tre kilo hash og 1.000 joints.

Fehår har siden anholdelsen været varetægtsfængslet, og blev i forbindelse med grundlovsforhøret beskyttet af et navneforbud. Det navneforbud er nu ophævet.

Anholdelserne var resultat af en målrettet efterforskning, hvor politiet fulgte pengene fra hashsalget i Pusherstreet. Pengene førte tilsyneladende politiet hen til Hells Angels klubhus i Siljangade 10 på Amager.

Under en politiaktion 14. november anholdt politiet et andet 54-årigt medlem af Hells Angels afdeling på Amager. Han er nu tiltalt i samme sag som Fehår. I alt er otte personer anholdt i sagen.

Jørgen Rinke, der tidligere hed Jørgen Nielsen, er en af de gamle veteraner i Hells Angels. Han var en af de seks Hells Angels-rockere, der skød Bandidos-rockeren Uffe Larsen foran Kastrup Lufthavn 10. marts 1996. Lufthavnsdrabet regnes for at være startskuddet til 1990ernes blodige rockerkrig mellem Hells Angels og Bandidos, der førte til fem drab og 40 drabsforsøg.

Fehår blev først frikendt for lufthavnsdrabet, men på baggrund af en aflytning af den nu afdøde HA-rocker Michael Broksides indsmuglede telefon i fængslet, blev sagen taget op af den særlige klageret og Fehår blev idømt livstid.

BT lavede et interview med Fehår tilbage i 2012, da han stadig sad fængslet for drabet på Uffe Larsen. Dengang havde han fået afslag på prøveløsladelse, men fik lov til at forlade fængslet i Østjylland hver dag for at tage på arbejde i en håndværkervirksomhed på Fyn.

»Man siger, at jeg er farlig fra kl. 18 til kl. 6, men fra kl. 6 om morgenen til kl. 18 er jeg ikke farlig. Det hænger ikke sammen,« sagde han.

Kontorchef i Kriminalforsorgen Tina Engelbrecht Ising begrundede afslaget med, at man frygtede han ville falde tilbage i ny kriminalitet.

»Vi mener, at der er risiko for tilbagefald til kriminalitet. Der er tale om en mand, der har begået en meget grov forbrydelse,« sagde hun til BT i 2012.

27. juni 2013 blev Jørgen Rinke løsladt efter godt 17 år i fængsel.
»Jeg er selvfølgelig lettet efter så mange år,« sagde han dengang til BT.

Hvis Jørgen Rinke bliver dømt for at være hashbagmand på Christiania, risikerer hans livstidsdom at blive genaktiveret.

Denmark - BT.

januar 10, 2018

Jamie Bacon denied bail

Global is reporting that pig sh*t Jamie Bacon was denied bail today. This will give the court time to hear the Appeal of his Surrey Six charges being stayed and a chance for the courts to rebuild the public's shatterd trust. When they clown was out, he had 24 hour police protection. Now the clown still has police protection because everyone knows as soon as he gets out of jail he is a dead man. In the spirit of natural justice, sometimes you just have to let nature take its course.

Canada - GO/DW.

Twin Peaks Lawyer Quits

Yesterday, Casie Lynn Gotro, the eccentric Houston lawyer who defended Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal at his five-week-long trial last October and November. withdrew from the case. Carrizal was charged with so many crimes it took an assistant district attorney more than 20 minutes to read them all. Simply stated, Carrizal was accused of instigating multiple assaults and murders on behalf of his motorcycle club at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015. The trial jury hung and Judge Matt Johnson declared a mistrial. Carrizal will probably be retried in April, If the long-delayed case actually does go forward, Carrizal will be represented by somebody new.


Doctor ordered radio host wife's killing to protect illegal drug ring, prosecutors say

A New Jersey endocrinologist hired a member of a motorcycle gang to kill his wife more than five years ago after she threatened to expose an illegal prescription drug ring the doctor was running with the gang, prosecutors said Tuesday. Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner announced murder charges against James Kauffman, 68, in the May 2012 death of his wife, April. Ferdinand Augello, 61, a member of the Pagan Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, was also charged with murder in April Kauffman's death -- and was also charged with trying to have James Kauffman killed.

Six other members of the gang were charged in connection with the drug ring.
Prosecutors said that Kauffman gave free prescriptions to people sent by Augello and that Augello would receive $1,000 per script or a number of pills after the script was filled. Those that received them either used the drugs or sold them. Tyner told reporters that April Kaufman, a local radio personality who hosted a weekly program in the Atlantic City market, had threatened to divorce her husband over the scheme.
"As a result of April Kauffman's desire to divorce James Kauffman, he was intent to have her killed,"
Tyner said, "as opposed to losing his 'financial empire,' as he described it to several individuals."

April Kauffman, 47, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in the bedroom of the couple's Linwood home on the morning of May 10, 2012. Tyner identified the triggerman as Francis "Frank" Mulholland and said he was paid at least $20,000 by James Kauffman and Augello. Mulholland died of a drug overdose in October 2013, Tyner said.

James Kauffman was arrested this past June on weapons charges after authorities raided and shut down his Egg Harbor Township practice in connection with his wife's murder in addition to an ongoing health care fraud investigation.

Authorities said Kauffman brandished a handgun and yelled, "I'm not going to jail for this" as the raid was in progress. Ed Jacobs, an attorney for Kauffman, told Philly.com (link is external) that his client "has consistently denied any involvement whatsoever in the homicide of his wife."

Kimberly Pack, April Kauffman's daughter who had long alleged that her stepfather killed her moth, told reporters Tuesday that her mother's death "forever changed my life." Pack had earlier fought a legal battle against her stepfather sparked by his attempts to claim April Kauffman's two life insurance policies. His claim was turned down because prosecutors couldn't provide a letter saying he wasn't considered a suspect.
"I have been waiting patiently for justice, and today I was lucky enough to be granted justice," Pack said. "I think for the first time, today I can actually breathe."


januar 09, 2018

Man sentenced in motorcycle club killing gets more time to appeal

A judge Monday provided more time for a Battle Creek man to appeal his plea in a six-year-old murder case. An attorney for Marion Barroso asked to reset the clock for a possible appeal (link is external) of his manslaughter conviction.

Barroso, 69, was sentenced Sept. 21, 2015 to five years and 11 months to 15 years in prison after entering a no contest plea to manslaughter in the Jan. 1, 2012 death of Leeroy Taylor at the Iron Coffin Motorcycle Club in Battle Creek.

But lawyers argued last year (link is external)that Barroso never had the opportunity to appeal his case because he was never appointed an appeals attorney. Investigators later determined that someone wrote “he does not want a court appointed attorney” on a court paper he was given at sentencing explaining his appellate rights. Because of the notation, the file was closed.

In August Barroso told Circuit Judge John Hallacy that he did want to appeal and was awaiting appointment of an attorney. But deadlines for any appeals ended before anyone learned the case was closed because of the line written on the court form. Barroso said he didn’t write on the form and no one is sure who did.

Hallacy agreed last year that Barroso could have an attorney and could begin his appeal process.
But Monday, attorney John Zevalking of Grand Rapids, asked the judge to make another modification in his ruling, asking the court to reissue the judgment of sentence which would begin the appeals deadlines as though Barroso was just sentenced.

Zevalking said the change would allow his client to begin anew and permit motions in the circuit court as well as the Michigan Court of Appeals.
"It would give him the full opportunity to pursue post-conviction appellate relief," Zevalking said.

Outside the courtroom, Zevalking said he is just beginning to review transcripts and is not sure what issues might be raised in an appeal.

More: Convicted of manslaughter, he wants permission to appeal (link is external)
More: Judge grants appeals attorney to Marion Barroso in motorcycle club killing case (link is external)

Taylor, 45, the former president of the motorcycle club and president of the Jackson County Iron Coffins, was found dead inside the Battle Creek club at 15 Gilbert St. Battle Creek police said he was fatally injured during a fight with two other members, Matthew Starkweather and John Lindahl III, apparently over money owed to Starkweather.

Investigators alleged that Barroso helped the other two men by ordering people out of the club and then handing a shotgun to Lindahl which was used to hit Taylor in the head. Then Barroso allegedly took the shotgun and other weapons to a private residence, investigators alleged.

Starkweather and Lindahl were charged, and Barroso was expected to testify against them, but all charges were dismissed after Barroso gave inconsistent testimony. In 2015, Barroso was charged with murder and, a few months later, entered his plea. Starkweather eventually pleaded no contest to assault with intent to do great bodily harm and was sentenced to the 405 days he had served in jail. Lindahl was not charged.


januar 08, 2018

Funeral procession for the Outlaws M.C. Chapter President Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson. Anderson, forty-four years old, was the President of the Cross Bayou Chapter.

Deadly dilemma: Gangster who shot Hells Angel told kill yourself, be killed or we kill your family

Hours after shooting Hells Angel Bob Green, Jason Wallace found himself alone with an unimaginable choice. Devastated, drunk and high on drugs, the 856 gangster had driven to a spot near Harrison Lake where he had previously camped.

He called his friend Justin to talk. But someone else took over the phone.
The mystery man gave Wallace two options: He could kill himself. Or he could turn himself in to the Hells Angels and they would do it for him. If he didn’t, his family would be executed. It took Wallace until the next day — Oct. 17, 2016 — to make a different choice.

Just after 9:30 a.m., he placed a distraught 911 call during which he confessed to killing Green at a drug-fuelled 19-hour party in a makeshift gang clubhouse. And he told police his family was in danger.

Wallace was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, saving himself from the biker threats to his life. His close friend Shaun Clary, who brought to the party the gun that Wallace fired in Green’s direction, was not so lucky. Clary’s dismembered body was found on Robertson Crescent in Langley, 10 days after the high-profile Hells Angels’ slaying.

Senior B.C. Hells Angel Bob Green was shot to death. PNG

Shocking new details about the night Green died are revealed in court documents obtained by Postmedia News from Wallace’s surprise guilty plea and sentencing hearing in November.

Surrey provincial court Judge Ellen Gordon handed the longtime criminal 6½ years for manslaughter. The original murder charge was dropped. The documents provide the likely motive for Clary’s grisly demise — he was part of a drunken dispute that led Wallace to grab Clary’s loaded handgun and fire it, striking an intoxicated Green in the head.

On the day of Wallace’s guilty plea, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said publicly for the first time that the Clary murder and the Green shooting were linked. But IHIT provided no details about how the deaths were connected.

It was just after 3 p.m. on Oct. 15, 2016, when Green, Wallace, his brother Taylor, Clary and several others arrived at the 856 Gang’s makeshift clubhouse, in a rented Quonset hut on a rural Langley acreage at 23788 72nd Ave.
They were ready to party. There was booze, cocaine, GHB, MDMA, ketamine and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). They were inhaling the gas from balloons that Clary was in charge of filling from gas canisters.

Green, 56, had been associated to the 856 Gang since its formation in the mid-2000s, through his cousin Lenny Pelletier and Pelletier’s son Caylen. The Pelletiers were also close to Wallace, who was then 27. In fact, the elder Pelletier and Wallace were co-accused in a drug trafficking case and were out on bail the night of the fatal party.

Closed-circuit cameras fixed on the exterior of the Quonset hut showed the comings and goings over the critical 20 hours on Oct. 15 and 16. Just before 8 p.m. on Oct. 15, Wallace, his brother, Green and two others left the hut, driving off in Green’s Chevy Suburban. They returned almost four hours later and continued inhaling from their gas balloons.

Green, meanwhile, had called his friend Mandev Johal telling him that he would need a ride home that night. Johal left Vancouver and picked up a friend in Burnaby before heading out to the 856 clubhouse to drive Green home.

Those gathered inside the two-storey Quonset hut left again, about 1 a.m., after sucking in nitrous oxide for another hour. Green’s Suburban is seen on the surveillance footage, followed by Johal’s Tahoe, arriving back at the clubhouse just after 2 a.m.
“The males were seen hugging each other and shaking hands as they all entered the Quonset hut,” said the agreed statement of facts read at Wallace’s sentencing hearing by Crown prosecutor Dianne Wiedemann.
“Inside the Quonset hut, one of the associates of the 856 Gang, Mr. Clary, tended the bar. Clary poured drinks and filled balloons with nitrous gas, which was being inhaled by the other partygoers.

Cocaine was also being used.
Two men were seen leaving the hut at 2:37 a.m. on Oct. 16. Green, Jason Wallace, Taylor Wallace, Clary, Johal and his friend remained inside, where they continued to consume alcohol, cocaine and nitrous oxide gas.

At 6 a.m., Johal called Cover Girls Escorts and asked for two women to be sent over, the statement of facts said. Cover Girls advertises its “elite companions and exotic dancers” online for $300 an hour or $1,000 for four hours.

The women arrived at about 7:18 a.m., each dropped off by her own driver. Half an hour later, Jason Wallace can be seen on video running out of the building with an inflated balloon of nitrous oxide. At that point, he would have been partying for almost 17 hours straight.

He bends over and stumbles as if vomiting or coughing, then walks into the woods.
“Clary runs back and forth from the Quonset hut to where Wallace had gone. At 7:56 a.m., the two embraced and then both walked back into the hut,” the document stated.

Johal told authorities that “as the drinking and gas inhalation continued inside the hut … the vibe started to change.”
“Johal felt as though the younger males, including the accused Wallace, his brother Taylor and Clary, had something against him,” the statement of facts said. Johal said the 856 gangsters were making racial comments to him. He thought they were trying to impress Green — a 20-year Hells Angel who was with the Mission City charter when he died.
“As the party progressed, one of the younger males moved one of the compressed gas cylinders upstairs and the party moved to the second floor of the Quonset hut.”

Taylor Wallace and Johal’s Burnaby friend crashed on the lower floor of the clubhouse. Johal felt that the demeanour of the gangsters was changing as they were doing more and more nitrous gas while still drinking.
“Johal believed the younger males were loaded and later described their judgment as ‘totally f–ked OK, they’re loaded, no control. It’s one thing to drink and be hammered, but there’s no control there obviously,’” the documents said.

Johal believed the gas made them delusional.
As tensions grew, one of the younger men there said words like ‘I’m going to get you,’ and then pulled something from the couch.
“As this happened, another one of the younger males swung at Johal. Johal blocked the punch and in one motion, got up and ran towards the exit of the Quonset hut.”

As he ran, Johal heard Green say: “Hey, what are you doing?” Johal thought he was being chased and ran off into a field as he called 911. It was just after 10 a.m. The two escorts remained at the party. One of them named Autumn later said that Green argued with one of the younger guys, who pulled out a gun.
“Green was challenging the male saying something to the effect of, `You cannot kill me,’ and then: ‘Shoot me if you can, shoot me if you can, you’re never gonna do it, shoot me if you can,’ ” the documents said.

Jason Wallace was so out of it, he later told police, that he didn’t think the escorts were there when the shooting happened.
“It was Wallace’s perception, admittedly compromised in large part by intoxication, that the argument was between Clary and Johal, and others were present but he cannot recall who those others were,” the documents said. “He believes there was a group that he perceived to be on the Johal side of the argument and he and Clary on another. Wallace cannot recall any actual physical altercation but cannot deny one occurred. He simply was unaware of it.”

Wallace told police that he and Clary were behind the couch where Green was seated and that Johal and others were on the other end of the couch from Green.
Jason Francis Wallace, 27, is arrested after calling 911 asking to surrender to police in 2016.
Jason Francis Wallace, 27, is arrested after calling 911 asking to surrender to police in 2016. Shane MacKichan / For PNG

He thought some of the others were coming at him. He said he saw Clary put his hand on a gun in his waistband.
“Wallace then grabbed the gun. He worked the slide to cock it and the gun went off striking Green.

Wallace then fired in the direction of the feet of the others and Green somehow fell into or was struck by the second shot which was not intended to do more than frighten others and move them away from advancing.”
“The shots were virtually one, instantly followed by the second.”

The Crown accepted Wallace’s statement that “Green was never an intended target and the gun was intended to only back away a perceived threat.” Wallace had a gun in his vehicle, but had not taken it into the party.
“The gun used in the shooting of Green had been brought in by Clary. Wallace believes he dropped that gun immediately upon realizing his friend Green had been shot. Wallace immediately left the scene and was not involved in any clean up of the scene.”

Green was shot at 10:09 on the morning of Oct. 16.
Immediately afterwards, Wallace is seen on the video footage walking out of the Quonset hut. He had an inflated balloon. His brother is following him, also carrying a balloon and a black and blue duffel bag. Wallace fumbles as he puts on his hoodie while talking to Clary outside.

The killer then gets into his Pontiac G8 and takes off.
“Neighbours observed Wallace accelerate down the road looking anxious,” the court documents said.
Wallace’s brother leaves in another vehicle. Johal’s friend also leaves just before Clary gets into Green’s Suburban, picking up the Burnaby man on his way out. The escorts get picked up at 10:23 a.m. by two drivers.

Friends and associates of Hell Angels’ Bob Green arrive at Fraserview Hall for a memorial service in Vancouver on Oct. 29, 2016. RICHARD LAM / PNG

Almost 30 minutes after Johal called 911, police were dispatched. They picked up Johal in the 7000-block of 240th Street, then headed to the Quonset hut.

Officers arrived about 11 a.m. They found Green slouched over on the second-floor couch.
“Green was not breathing and his skin looked pale and was turning bluish. There was blood all over the couch and blood smeared on Green’s right temple. Police performed CPR on Green.”

Paramedics got there at 11:16 a.m. and took over the CPR. But the biker had no pulse and was still not breathing. He was pronounced dead at 11:30 a.m.

Early the next morning, neighbours watched with curiosity as a woman and small children ran from a house Jason Wallace owned in Abbotsford. They left breakfast sitting on the table. Wallace had bought the home just six months earlier for $600,000. He listed his profession as a concrete designer.

The same neighbours saw police descend on the residence later in the day after Wallace turned himself in. During his desperate 911 call that morning, Wallace told the operator that he wanted to drive to the Surrey RCMP detachment. He said he had a gun with him in the back seat of his Pontiac and thought it was the weapon he “used to shoot his friend,” the court documents said.
Part of his call to 911 was read into the record at his sentencing hearing:
Wallace: “I’m gonna turn myself in.”
Operator: “OK.”
Wallace: “My family’s in danger.”
Operator: “OK.”
Wallace: “And I wanna make sure they’re safe.”
Operator: “You’ve turned yourself in to where? Sorry, you’re turning yourself in to where?”
Wallace: “To the Surrey RCMP.”
Operator: “And where are you right now?”
Wallace: “I’m driving down towards the jail.”
Operator: “OK. Why do you think your family is unsafe?”
Wallace: “Because my — my friend is a Hells Angels and I f–king killed him for some reason.”
Operator: “And you say — and you said your friend was killed.”
Wallace: “Yeah. Well, I think he’s dead. I don’t know. I was out of my mind on drugs and shit. I don’t even understand how it happened.”
Operator: “Where were you when this happened?”
Wallace: “We were partying and doing drugs and shit in Langley.”
Operator: “OK. Where in Langley?”
Wallace: “232nd Street and like 72nd or something like that.”
Operator: “When did this — when was that?”
Wallace: “The other night. I don’t know. I’ve been awake for a few days. I’m — I’m f–ked right up.”
Operator: “And so you said your friend died? How did he die?”
Wallace: “I’m pretty sure I f–king shot him. I don’t even know how.”
Operator: “You think you shot him?”
Wallace: “Yeah, and I don’t even understand how or why — or even why or nothing, I don’t know.”
Operator: “You don’t know what happened?”
Wallace: “I don’t even know. I was like my mind wasn’t even there. It was like I was so f–ked up.”
Wallace broke down and cried as the operator urged him to take a deep breath. He described drinking and doing drugs for days. While still on the phone, Wallace was surrounded by Surrey RCMP and arrested. Police found a Glock handgun and a folding knife in his car. A test on the Glock indicated it was not the gun used to kill Green.

In a news release that day, IHIT congratulated itself on the quick arrest, saying it spoke to “the tenacity of all agencies involved.”

Canada - BN.


januar 07, 2018

Police Spin Bob Green's murder

There has been a lot of bizarre accusations coming from the crown these days that are simply untrue. They lied and falsely accused Schrader of being in on the plot to shoot Larry Amero and Looney in Kelowna to intentionally put his life at risk in hopes it would force him to give them information on his previous associates. This was not a one time offense. This is a method of operation for the compromised BC gang enforcement that sits back and watches the drug tracking out of Shakerz and on the Surrey strip without lifting a finger to stop it.

Kim Bolan is reporting that "Hours after shooting Hells Angel Bob Green, Jason Wallace had driven to a spot near Harrison Lake where he had previously camped. He called his friend Justin to talk. But someone else took over the phone. The mystery man gave Wallace two options: He could kill himself. Or he could turn himself in to the Hells Angels and they would do it for him. If he didn’t, his family would be executed." That part of the story is believable. The rest is not.

"It took Wallace until the next day - Oct. 17, 2016 - to make a different choice. Just after 9:30 a.m., he placed a distraught 911 call during which he confessed to killing Green at a drug-fuelled 19-hour party in a makeshift gang clubhouse. And he told police his family was in danger."

OK so after *someone* told Jason after he killed Bob Green to kill himself or turn himself into the Hells Angels so they could kill him or else his family would be executed he calls up 911 in a frenzy making up some crazy story hiding his motive. He claims he didn't know why he shot Bob Green. He was high on drugs. Yet every crime has a means and a motive.

Stating that he didn't know why he shot Bob Green and that he was high on drugs implies it was not premeditated. Which completely contradicts their other evidence. They claim his friend Shaun Clary brought Jason the gun that killed Bob Green. As we know Shaun was brutally murdered shorty thereafter. Shaun was from Guildford in Surrey. We know his family. It is possible that he was friends with Jason. That part of the story is believable. The rest is not.

Locals claim that Bob Green was shot with his own gun. A gun he had given Jason while Jason was selling drugs for a Hells Angels puppet club called the 856. Shaun Clary did not have access to guns. Bob Green did. Is it possible Jason asked Shaun to go home and get the gun that Bob Green gave him? That part of the story is remotely possible. Shaun could have followed Jason's instructions to get the gun that Bob had given him after Jason told him where to find it thinking Jason was simply returning the gun. However, it is also possible that part of the story is a complete fabrication like the 911 call claiming he didn't know why he shot Bob Green.

Jason Wallace was busted with Len Peltier for drug trafficking in Yellowknife and the Yukon through the 856. Jason was a member of the 856 and Lenny ran it on behalf of the Hells Angels under the direction of Bob Green. Every time Lenny gets busted someone else takes the fall for him. He has even cooperated with the police giving up others who worked for him. It is obvious that Bob Green insisted that Jason take the fall for Lenny again and Jason said no. That is why Jason killed Bob. Jason knew that if he didn't kill Bob, he would have to take the fall for Lenny like everyone else has done in the past. That was the real motive.

The crown claims that Shaun Clary was brutally murdered becasue he was in on Bob Green's murder and brought Jason the gun that killed Bob. If that was true then Bob's murder was premeditated. Their evidence conflicts with itself because it is not true.

Shaun was not in on Bob Green's murder. The crown claims that Shaun was working the bar at the party Bob and Jason were attending. If that was true, then there was no need for Shaun to bring Jason his gun that Bob gave him. The only part of the story that is true is the part about Shaun being friends with Jason. That's it.

The crown admits that when Jason called his friend Justin after he shot Bob Green someone else grabbed the phone and told Jason to turn himself in to the Hells Angels or they would execute his family. The Hells Angels knew Justin was Jason's friend and already had someone watching him in case Jason called. The Hells Angels killed Shaun simply because he was friends with Jason. Shaun had absolutely nothing to do with Bob Green's murder.

Do you think Blaze's meth head friend from Guildford was involved in Shaun's brutal murder? I do. Once again the police let murderers walk to perpetuate their false propaganda.

So why are the police lying again and are covering up for Len Peltier? Because Lenny is one of their star witnesses just like Blaze and the Black Widow. The police are letting Lenny traffic drugs in exchange for his testimony on other cases just like the CIA did for Blandon in LA during the US crack epidemic. Lenny used to supply all the crack shacks in Surrey with drugs until the boys terminated Larry Mizen's contract. The police are giving Lenny a free license to traffic drugs because gang enforcement in BC is completely compromised. Just sayin.  

Canada - GO/DW.

Hundreds gather in Pasco County to mourn victim of motorcycle gang shooting

Hundreds of bikers gathered Saturday afternoon to pay their respects to a motorcycle gang president shot and killed three days before Christmas. Aerial footage from Sky10 showed hundreds of people gathered to mourn Paul Anderson at Dobies Funeral Home. Anderson, 44, died in a shooting along Suncoast Parkway and State Road 54 on Dec. 22. He served as president of the local chapter of the Outlaw motorcycle gang.

Related: Pasco sheriff warns of more violence after deadly motorcycle club shooting (link is external)

Three rival motorcycle gang members - Michael Dominick Mencher, 51; Allan Guinto, 26 and Christopher Bryant Cosimano, 29 -  face first-degree premeditated murder charges stemming from the deadly shooting. The deadly shooting is the latest in an ongoing feud between the Outlaws and 69ers motorcycle clubs.


januar 06, 2018

Law enforcement to monitor bikers coming to funeral of murdered motorcycle gang leader

Several members of the Outlaws came to a Pasco County funeral home this afternoon as they are grieving the loss of their president. But Sheriff’s Chris Nocco says this is just the beginning.
“We have to be preparing, because we don’t know what may happen.”

As many as a thousand bikers from around the country are expected in the area this weekend for Paul Anderson’s funeral. He was murdered a few days before Christmas by members of a rival club.
“I think the way that the homicide occurred definitely shocked people. It was broad daylight in a very populated area where people are constantly driving,” said Nocco.

Three men are charged with Anderson’s murder, including the alleged shooter, Chris Cosimano, president of the 69’ers Motorcycle Club. The groups have said there will be a moratorium on violence this weekend. But the Sheriff believes retribution is very likely at some point.
“We are hopeful it doesn’t occur in Tampa Bay, it could happen anywhere nationally because these are national clubs.”

The Sheriff’s Office is bringing in help from other law enforcement agencies, even the ATF. They say they will have an overwhelming presence in the area.
RELATED: Investigators to monitor biker gang member funerals following deadly attack (link is external)
“We want to make sure the daily lives of our citizens is not disrupted. We want to make sure they feel safe,” said Nocco.

Meanwhile, a national advocacy group for motorcycle clubs, The National Council of Clubs, is taking exception with how all this is being portrayed. They say Anderson was a decorated Army veteran and it’s unfair to dismiss him because he was a member of the Outlaws.

In a statement they say Sheriff Nocco is “using this tragedy to spread fear among the general public.”
The statement also says, “do some motorcycle club members commit crimes? Of course. Just as some cops commit crimes."

Anderson leaves behind his mother and sister.  He will be buried next to his brother, who according to the statement, was killed while serving in the military.


januar 05, 2018

Hells Angels holder stor bisættelse

Hvis borgere i hovedstaden i weekenden ser flere Hells Angels-rygmærker end normalt i gadebilledet skyldes det alene, at rockerklubben skal bisætte et mangeårigt medlem af HA, den 50-årige Kim ’Nifinger’ Jensen.

Rockeren, hvis navn blev kendt i forbindelse med et skudangreb i Københavns Lufthavn i 1996, er død i december sidste år. Dødsfaldet fremgår af Hells Angels Facebookside.

Kim Jensen bliver lørdag eftermiddag bisat fra Vestre Kirkegård, men mindes også i weekenden på Amager hos Hells Angels Nomads-afdelingen, som Kim Jensen var tilknyttet. Rockerbisættelser og begravelser af mangeårige medlemmer tiltrækker ofte flere hundrede rockere – også fra udlandet.

Meldinger fra flere kilder til Ekstra Bladet går på, at arrangementet bliver ’stort’, men præcist hvor mange rockere, der forventes at møde op, er uvist.

Købenenhavns Politi kan dog til Ekstra Bladet oplyse, at de er opmærksomme på bisættelsen, og at der til politiet er anmeldt kortegekørsel. Kim 'Nifinger' Jensen blev dømt til otte års fængsel i forbindelse med skudangrebet i Københavns Lufthavn i Kastrup i marts 1996, hvor et medlem af Bandidos blev dræbt og flere såret. Angrebet var starten på rockerkrigen mellem Hells Angels og Bandidos. Andre HA’erne fik 16 år og fængsel på livstid for drab og drabsforsøg i lufthavnen.

Hells Angels og Bandidos har for længst bilagt stridighederne og har jævnligt deltaget i hinandens begivenheder og kørsler.

Kim Jensen døde efter sygdom.

Denmark - EB.


"I’m a 1%er, so what does that mean? That means while I may not live by society’s rules I do follow the laws of the land. That means I will never fit in a 99% club, it means I’m a 1%er in or out the patch. A doctor is a doctor in our out of scrubs, convict is a convict in our out of the jumpsuit. This is my choice, this is my life and this is my profession.

So what does being a 1%er really mean? In my humble opinion it means ...I will be the ultimate brother, a man who takes care of his family above all things and one whose all about the highway. Me being a 1%er doesn’t mean the bullying of 99% clubs and independents. It doesn’t mean clashing with other clubs over territory, it doesn’t mean running drugs, guns or prostitution rings. It doesn’t mean trying to live up to the fiction that is Sons of Anarchy. Being a 1%er does mean I’m different from you though, it does mean I will handle my business if I feel threatened or my family is threatened. It means I will educate the ignorant but not out of intimidation. I will not force you to my will, I will not shovel feed you bullshit but will share and teach you all I know if you come to me honestly and sincerely.

Being a 1%er has nothing to do with the patch nor does it have anything to do with the 1% club you belong to, it has everything to do with who you are as a man and how you live within this society. A lot of 1%ers and non 1%ers have it all fucked up as to what being a 1%er is all about. They want to be famous, notorious and well known. I simply aspire to anonymity and peace. Talk with some real OG’s and they will tell you stories after stories that have nothing to do with what you see today. It makes you wonder why some clubs have pushed their OG’s aside and show no respect when they speak. How did the student become a master when he has no scares of war or knowledge to pass on?

How you ask? He is a shadow of what men once were and once aspired to be and for that and time in the club. Not war time but time in the club he was self elevated to power. Those who have never possessed true power feel the need to be at the forefront of chaos with little to no regard for anyone except them. They are self disillusioned ministers with dream of granger but pockets of paupers.

Money, power and pussy in 1% and 99% clubs have replace what I call BFH, Brotherhood, Family and the Highway. A new dawn is coming, what was once before shall be again. I can most certainly tell you that I will never step back to a 99% club but not because I feel it lesser than me but because how I operate within this society and the beliefs that are at the core of me I call BFH, Brotherhood, Family and the Highway. This I feel makes me the 1% of all 99% and 1% clubs." - A 1%er.

USA - MC & Gjengkriminalitet.

januar 04, 2018

Tilburgse voorman No Surrender veroordeeld tot 3,5 jaar cel

Voor deelname aan een criminele drugsorganisatie is de Tilburgse voorman Corin D. van motorclub No Surrender donderdag veroordeeld tot 3,5 jaar celstraf, waarvan een half jaar voorwaardelijk.
Volgens de rechtbank in Den Bosch maakte de 38-jarige Tilburger deel uit van een organisatie die zich schuldig heeft gemaakt aan de productie van en handel in synthetische drugs. Tegen D. was vier jaar cel geëist.

De politie kwam de drugsproductie op het spoor tijdens het afluisteren van gesprekken in een beruchte ontmoetingsplaats voor criminelen in Best. In totaal vijf verdachten werden in verband gebracht met drugslabs in Rotterdam, Moergestel en Oud-Turnhout (België).

De hoofdverdachte, drugsproducent Frank W., werd veroordeeld tot zes jaar gevangenisstraf. Tegen hem was acht jaar cel geëist.


Tilburg captain No Surrender sentenced to 3.5 years in prison For participation in a criminal drug organization, the Tilburg captain Corin D. of motorcycle club No Surrender was sentenced to 3.5 years in jail, of which half a year was conditional. According to the court in Den Bosch, the 38-year-old Tilburger was part of an organization that was guilty of the production of and trade in synthetic drugs. Against D. four years cell was claimed. The police tracked down drug production during the interception of conversations in a notorious meeting place for criminals in Best. A total of five suspects were associated with drug labs in Rotterdam, Moergestel and Oud-Turnhout (Belgium).

The main suspect, drug producer Frank W., was sentenced to six years in prison. Against him eight years in prison had been demanded.

Holland - TBM Holland.

Gypsy Jokers not laughing after booze seized

A MASSIVE party planned by the Gypsy Joker bikie gang will be a very tame affair after cops seized drugs and $21,000 worth of booze. Officers took away 246 cases of beer and 146 bottles of spirits as well as dope and methamphetamines which police suspect were to be used for the party at their clubhouse in Horsley Park, Western Sydney.

Police took away 246 cases of beer and 146 bottles of spirits as well as dope and methamphetamines.
It’s believed 47 of the bikers made the trek from Perth to Sydney before police busted them yesterday and arrested and charged four men with possession of cannabis. They also issued four defect notices for motorbikes and nine traffic infringements. One man was charged with driving a tow truck without an authorised licence and fined $516.

It’s believed 47 of the bikers made the trek from Perth to Sydney before police busted them. Besides the alcohol police seized a pair of handcuffs, a radio frequency jammer, two rounds of .38 calibre and 9mm calibre ammunition as well as two antique rifles. The four men will appear at Fairfield court next month.

Australia - BN.

Hells Angels Associate murdered in Maple Ridge

This murder disturbs me on several levels. My first concern is why have the police not released his name yet? Was it because he was a Hells Angels associate? There were three fatal shootings locally over the Christmas break. Gavinder Grewal was shot dead in North Vancovuer December 21st. His name was pretty much imediatley released to the press.

The next morning a Hells Angels associate was shot dead in Maple Ridge and his name has still not been released. December 28th Alexander Blanarou from Surrey was shot dead in Abbotsford and IHIT immediately released his name to the press. There was another shooting in Whalley on December 23rd but it was not fatal. So why has this fatality not been named?

Out of respect to the family I have not named him in this post so it doesn't come up on a Google search of his name. I simply linked to the obituary that was published in today's paper.

How do I know he was a Hells Angels associate? Well he posted pictures of himself wearing support gear on Facebook. That in itself doesn't really mean anything. He could simply be related to a member. In the obituary the family expresses their gratitude to Jesse Haddan. That pretty much clinches it. I do want to reiterate that I do not have beef with Jesse. I never have. I am not going to publicly disclose who on that side of the river I have made peace with since private conversations are indeed private. If I cannot respect confidence then I am worthless.

I will simply say that this murder was inexcusable. He doesn't have a criminal record. You're going to shoot someone just because he's related to Vince? That's pretty low life. If you have beef with someone take it up with that person not with their friends or family. You can't get any lower than that. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Logically, several pictures would then be worth even more. I'm not going to post pictures of this murder victim posing wit his nieces and nephews. I will simply say this was a good kid and he will be deeply missed.

Think of this: you've got young children who loved visiting with their uncle. Now all of a sudden the parents has to tell their child that they won't be able to see their uncle any more. Why not the children ask? Is he mad at us? No sweetheart, someone shot him dead. They did what? Why would someone do that? Well it's complicated. Some people are simply worthless.

This isn't freaking Belfast. People come here from war torn countries to leave the violence behind. Our kids aren't supposed to have to deal with this kind of madness. People, you need to give your head a shake. This kind of unnecessary violence is unacceptable. It is not cool. It is not noble. It is shameful. I've lived in countries where the people distorted the eye for an eye into meaning you kill one of ours and we'll kill one of yours. That logic fails. If someone commits murder than you try that person for murder. You don't pick some random person from their family and execute them. That is just another murder and will be recorded in history as such. Stop it.

Canada - GO/DW.

januar 03, 2018

Historic Hollister biker bar Johnny's changes hands

A new owner is taking over Johnny's Bar & Grill in Hollister, but it will still be a biker bar and popular local watering hole. It’s called “The friendliest little bar in town.”

Johnny’s Bar & Grill at 526 San Benito St. in Hollister is not only a biker bar. It’s a place where locals greet, meet, drink and eat. More notably, Johnny's Bar & Grill is considered a mecca for bikers from around the world and each year thousands who come to Hollister's motorcycle rally stop there, as if on pilgrimage.The building with the Marlon Brando and “The Wild One” theme has a 70-year history as a watering hole. And its history is about to change. On New Year’s Eve owner Charisse Tyson handed over keys to the business to new owner Peter Lago, ending her 22-year proprietorship. The change of ownership occurred at a private party attended by Tyson’s many friends and former employees.

The mural on the outside of Johnny's Bar & Grill in Hollister. 
The key handoff was a re-enactment of how Tyson became Johnny’s owner in 1996. She was dancing at the bar with her husband Tom Horsfall that New Year’s Eve when the former owner dropped the keys in her hand.
“I was planning on taking over the next morning,” Tyson said. Instead, they wound up going to work.

Now, at 58, Tyson decided it was time to dedicate her life to her other passions: counseling women about alcoholism as a Christian freedom coach, traveling in her motorhome and finishing her second book, a novel. Her first book, a self-published memoir titled, “Born Again in a Biker Bar,” recalls her life and times running Johnny’s and, as her book title says, becoming born again.

A champion of the Hollister Fourth of July motorcycle rallies, Tyson took some time over coffee at Johnny’s to recall moments in her career as a biker bar owner. She threw parties for everything, including her husband’s vasectomy. And last year, when the rodeo parade was canceled, she hosted stick horse races through the town.

She got into the bar business early. At 17 she was serving cocktails in San Jose. At 19, she was managing a bar there. Twenty years later she was looking for a bar to buy in Hollister. She considered purchasing The Office bar but decided on Johnny’s instead.
“This was a better fit,” she said. “It was God’s plan as far as I’m concerned."

Johnny’s takes it name from Johnny Strabler, the biker gang leader played by Marlon Brando in the 1953 film “The Wild One.” The film is based on the July 1947 Gypsy Tour Races and a group of rowdy bikers who took over Hollister.

That year Wino Willie and his Boozefighters came for the races. The ruckus has been called “The Hollister Riot.” There was drinking, and a motorcyclist rode his bike through Johnny’s, then owned by Johnny Matalich and formerly known as The New Deal.

The revelers staged drunken races and wheelie and burnout displays in the middle of San Benito Street, ignoring the races at Memorial Park. The five-member Hollister police force was overwhelmed. There were many arrests for public intoxication and disturbing the Peace.

The rowdiness was depicted as mayhem in a July 1947 issue of Life Magazine. The cover shot showed a biker drinking a beer on his cycle, with empty beer bottles piled at his feet. It turned out the photo was staged.

The Life article inspired the making of “The Wild One,” and the Boozefighters have continued to return to Hollister on Fourth of July weekend ever since.
“It’s a bucket list destination for bikers,” Tyson said of Johnny’s. “It’s the place they want to come.”

The front of Johnny's Bar & Grill at 526 San Benito St., Hollister. Photo by Tom Leyde

The bar at Johnny's Bar & Grill. Photo by Tom Leyde

Charisse Tyson on the Johnny's Bar Facebook page announcing the sale.

2017 Motorcycle Rally at Johnny's Bar & Grill. Photo by John Chadwell

Full house at Johnny's during the rally. Photo by John Chadwell

An original cover of the 1947 Life magazine hangs framed behind the bar at Johnny’s. There are also black and white photos taken during that wild weekend, along with many shots of biker patrons.

Tyson points out shots of local residents, familiar with each of their stories.
“I’ve got pictures of motorcycles parked outside in 1939,” Tyson said.
“The Wild One” was filmed in Hollywood. But Tyson said there is a story that Brando rode his motorcycle to Hollister to see where the events on which the movie is based occurred.

Over the years, Tyson has met many interesting people through Johnny’s. “A lot of people reached out to me because I embraced the bikers’ history,” she said. She has been working on getting the bar listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

She recalled the first Hollister Independence Rally in 1996.
“It was nuts. It was insane,” she said. “Now I’ve got it down to a well oiled machine with seven cash registers.”

The rallies have come and gone, depending on the outlook of the Hollister police chief, Tyson said. It was canceled in 2006, came back in 2007 and canceled again in 2009. It returned in 2013 and has continued annually since then.

Tyson made a trip to Sturgis, South Dakota, the site of the mother of all motorcycle rallies, to investigate why it works so well there. She even helped get the Sturgis police chief to visit Hollister and talk to city officials about the value of motorcycle rallies. She says they bring in money.

When Tyson first bought Johnny’s, her husband worked there as her fix-it man. Tyson said he battled alcoholism, became recovered, and decided being in a bar wasn’t the best place for him. Tyson had an epiphany about co-dependence and enabling and began helping others with the same issues. She does counseling, hosts seminars and posts daily scriptures and love notes to the Lord online.

Of her new endeavors, she said, “It’s quite the opposite from running a bar. The Lord works in mysterious ways. … My new deal will be just as blessed, except it will be for the kingdom instead of the other.” Tyson met Peter Lago, of Maui, through her brother. She pictured him as a general manager of Johnny’s but decided it was time for her to move on, even though the change is bittersweet.

Don’t expect Johnny’s to change much. It will continue to welcome locals and bikers and keep the historic photos and many pieces of memorabilia, including the ashes of a former patron. Lago, Tyson said, is planning to keep the same crew to run the business.
“He’s going to make things better,” she said. “It needed new blood.”