August 18, 2017

Back to the future: Satan’s Choice biker club reappears on Ontario roads

Ontario police can be forgiven for doing double takes this summer at the sight of bikers wearing the grinning devil patch of the Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club on their backs. Once the second largest outlaw motorcycle club in the world, the Satan’s Choice club folded in December 2000 when it was absorbed by the Hells Angels.

This summer, a group of Durham and Ottawa-area bikers have re-invented the Satan’s Choice club, which will likely upset Hells Angels bikers, said Det. Sgt. Len Isnor of the OPP Biker Enforcement Unit.
“It’s a bit shocking,” Isnor said. “By somebody bringing them back, there could be some problems.
Yes, we’re going to watch.”
The Hells Angels had no immediate comment on the new club.

The old Satan’s Choice had well-publicized clashes with the law, but the new version of the club plans to stay out of jail and trouble, according to a spokesperson, who spoke to the Star on the condition that his name not be published.
“We want to keep the club alive but we’re all law-abiding citizens,” he said.

The re-emergence of the Satan’s Choice in Eastern Ontario comes after the Hells Angels shut down its elite Nomads chapter outside Ottawa last September. That Hells Angels’ chapter was based in in a 0.92-acre, gated compound off Highway 417, just a 15-minute drive from downtown Ottawa.

The new Satan’s Choice spokesperson said his club has a clubhouse, although he declined to say where it’s located. The move to re-establish the Satan’s Choice comes out of respect for older members and the tradition of an all-Canadian club, he said. The club was originally founded in the GTA as part of an auto club back in the late 1950s.

“We have talked to several of the original members and have had nothing but positive feedback from them,” said the new Satan’s Choice spokesperson.

The Satan’s Choice has always been an all-Canadian club. They folded briefly in the early 1960s and then re-emerged under former international boxer Bernie Guindon of Oshawa. It grew to more than 300 members by the early 1970s, making it the second largest outlaw motorcycle club in the world, behind only the Hells Angels.

There are currently 200 full Hells Angels in Ontario and 500 across Canada, Isnor said. The Hells Angels are a U.S.-based, international club with members on five continents and in 56 countries, according to the club’s website.

The old Satan’s Choice had several well-publicized clashes with the law, including several members who became involved in drug trafficking. Former member Cecil Kirby disappeared into a witness protection program in the early 1980s after admitting he had been hired to do murders for the local mob.

Their former clubhouse on Kintyre Ave. in south Riverdale was hit with a rocket launcher attack in the mid-1990s. The new Satan’s Choice moved into the Ottawa area last month and has 48 members and two “strikers” — or prospective members — the spokesperson said.

Canada - TS.

D. CRIMINALS MC Fictional Characters, Real Dumb Crimes (Full Episode)

The story of two hopeless crims, Rabbit and Rongo. Out of jail they regroup and battle old girlfriends, Motorcycle Clubs and their own stupid plans and schemes. They team up with other petty criminals, Jimmy Speed, Pothead and Droptank. This series is based on true dumb crimes.

BREAKING NEWS: Man död efter att ha blivit skjuten i huvudet i Uppsala

En man i 30-årsåldern hittades svårt skottskadad i närheten av en bil i området Stenhagen i Uppsala.

Han förklarades senare avliden på Akademiska sjukhuset, uppger polisen.
– Vi är intresserade av allmänhetens iakttagelser och ber alla som kan ha något att berätta att höra av sig, säger Christer Nordström vid Uppsalapolisen.

Polisen larmades om skottlossningen i Uppsalaområdet Stenhagen vid 18.18 på den tidiga fredagskvällen. Enligt uppgift till Aftonbladet är det en man som blivit skjuten och ska ha träffats i huvudet. Vittnen på platsen uppger att det hörts ett flertal skott.
En man i 30-årsåldern fördes till sjukhus med mycket allvarliga skador. Polisen uppgav senare att mannen dödförklarats på Akademiska sjukhuset.

Fordon lämnade platsen

Flera fordon ska ha lämnat platsen efter händelsen, enligt vittnesuppgifter till polisen. Platsen spärrades av för en teknisk undersökning.
Händelsen rubriceras som mord.

Sweden - AB.


The ACTUAL BIKE (Harley Davidson 2001 Road King) actor Damon Runyan road throughout the popular TV-Serie Gangland Undercover Season 2 (The Charles Falco Story) have been sold to an investor and fan in Scandinavia.

THE STAR BIKE have been sold through the spokesperson from TBM Scandinavia - Michael Green, who is a very good friend of Charles Falco.

Charles Falco gave Michael Green the opportunity to sell THE STAR BIKE Tuesday this week, and today the deal was closed with the new happy owner of THE STAR BIKE.

The STAR BIKE will arrive to Scandinavia in the end of October, and the new owner have made an agreement with TBM Scandinavia saying, that THE STAR BIKE only will be for commercial use in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The new owner of the bike have told MC & Gjengkriminalitet, that it only will be possible to rent the STAR BIKE for different event´s such as MC-Shows, Photo-Shoot´s, etc. 

Furthermore have the new owner told MC & Gjengkriminalitet, that he will donate some of the profit to TBM Scandinavia´s work helping people leaving their gangs in Scandinavia every time the STAR BIKE have been used in different event´s, and it´s because of the agreement he have made with Michael Green from TBM Scandinavia regarding the purchase of THE STAR BIKE.

THE STAR BIKE - Harley Davidson Road King 2001
Engine was rebuilt by prior owner about 3000 miles ago.
Shocks have been replace. Rides like it is almost new.
The transmission rebuilt at a Harley dealership less than
100 miles ago.
TBM Scandinavia have not sold the STAR BIKE to me for more than Charles Falco asked for, and I feel it´s my duty to benefit that in favour of TBM Scandinavia, and therefor did I make that  agreement with Michael Green from TBM Scandinavia saying, that I will donate some of my profit to the TBM Organisation, he says to MC & Gjengkriminalitet. 

MC & Gjengkriminaliet will in October bring an update to this story when THE STAR BIKE arrives in Scandinavia, and with a lot´s of NEW great pictures of the actual STAR BIKE from Gangland Undercover - Season 2.

See trailer from Gangland Undercover here:

MC & Gjengkriminalitet
Copenhagen - Oslo - Stockholm

Das schmutzige Geschäft der Hooligans

Heute beginnt die neue Bundesliga-Saison, doch die vermeintlich schönste Nebensache der Welt wird mehr und mehr zur Gewaltsache von Hooligans und Ultras.
Drogen, Huren, Rocker-Klubs

Organized Crime Task Force arrests nine at motorcycle club

A raid at the Charlottetown hang-around clubhouse last night has resulted in the arrest of Nine people associated with the Hells Angels all facing multiple charges, including running an allegedly illegal lottery scheme.

Police said at a press conference this afternoon that items such as cash and record books were seized during a raid last night following a meeting at the Charlottetown club house.
The PEI Organized Crime Task Force, made up of police representatives from Charlottetown Police Services, the RCMP, Summerside Police Service, and Kensington Police Service, arrested nine men in the city overnight. All of them are hangarounds with the Hells Angels Woodbridge (Ontario) chapter.

Police take some of the bikers arrested Wednesday from the Charlottetown Police Services tactical support unit vehicle and into the provincial court in Charlottetown Thursday.

Summerside police chief David Poirier is also at press conference in Charlottetown at this hour.

All nine have been charged with the following Criminal Code offences:
One count each -- Section 206 relating to lotteries and games of chance;
Once count each – Section 467.11 relating to participation in activities of a criminal organization; and
One count each – Section 467.12 relating to the commission of an offence for a criminal organization.

THE GUARDIAN/Dave Stewart (link is external)

The nine spent the rest of the night in jail and  made an appearance in court this morning.
The Provincial Organized Crime Task Force was struck earlier this year to investigate organized crime activities in the province with an initial focus on One-percent Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

August 17, 2017

Bike Week Nightlife 2017 - Daytona Beach

Bikers ride on city streets in the beach town of Daytona Beach in Florida while the party goes on at Main Street. We go by one of our favorite bike week bars Dirty Harry's and catch the Bobby Friss band in concert.

Harley Davidson V Rod USA tuning motorcycles

Eks-rocker står frem fra skjul og kritiserer exitprogram

Lars Toxværd Olesen er tidligere rockerpræsident og medlem af Loyal to Familia. Han afviste politiets hjælp til at komme ud af bandemiljøet.

De mange skyderier i København har i den grad sat fokus på bander - hvordan man stopper tilgangen til dem, og hvordan folk kan komme ud af banderne ved såkaldte exitprogrammer. Lars Toxværd Olesen er tidligere præsident for rockergruppen Bandidos i Holbæk. Fra 2013 til tidligere i år var han medlem af banden Loyal to Familia.

Det tog ham fire år at bryde ud af bandemiljøet, fordi han valgte at gøre det uden om politiets exitprogram. Han mener, at andre bandemedlemmer viger tilbage, fordi politiet spiller for stor en rolle i programmerne.
- Der bryder du med alle dine principper. Du har levet hele livet med et kodeks, der siger, at du ikke taler med politiet. Lige pludselig skal du tale med og dikteres af politiet, forklarer Lars Toxværd Olesen.

På flugt fra fortiden

Det 47-årige tidligere bandemedlem har kontaktet TV 2 for at fortælle om sine erfaringer med exitprogrammet, men han ønsker ikke, at nogen skal vide, hvor i verden han befinder sig.
- Det er en praktisk beslutning, jeg har taget, fordi jeg har særdeles gode venner i miljøet - og så har jeg knap så gode venner, fortæller Lars Toxværd Olesen, da TV 2 møder ham.

Han blev kendt i offentligheden, da han i 2005 stak af under sit eget retsmøde i Holbæk. Han meldte senere sig selv, og har i alt tilbragt syv år bag tremmer. Men efter den seneste dom tog Lars Toxværd Olesen beslutningen - han ville ud af miljøet.
- Nu har jeg været dernede og vende i tjæregryden og se, hvad der findes dernede. Der er sgu ikke noget godt at hente, siger Lars Toxværd Olesen til TV 2.

Forsker bakker op om kritik

Line Lerche Mørck er professor og forsker i bandeexit. Ifølge hende er det kun mellem 10 og 15 procent af dem, der vil ud, der siger ja til exitprogrammet. Hun mener derfor, at der skal skrues ned for politiets rolle - og op for det socialfaglige.
- Hvis de bliver set sammen med politiet, så vil det gamle miljø stille spørgsmålene: Hvad laver han med dem? Hvorfor snakker han med politiet? Er han stikker?, forklarer Line Lerche Mørck.

Vil ikke acceptere politiets krav

Lars Toxværd Olesen slap ud af bandemiljøet, fordi Loyal To Familia til sidst gav ham lov, forklarer han. Så heldig er langt fra alle.
I dag mener han, at det var hans redning. For han havde aldrig accepteret politiets krav i et exitforløb.
- Hvis jeg skulle på udgang, skulle jeg gøre ditten og datten, jeg måtte ikke tage til udlandet, og jeg måtte ikke..., fortæller den tidligere rocker til TV 2.
Er det ikke bare surt show? Det er dig, der har behov for hjælp.
- Jeg har ikke behov for hjælp på den måde. Jeg synes, at et exit skal være et samarbejde. Det skal ikke være en eller anden form for straf, lyder det fra Lars Toxværd Olesen.

Politiet: Det er en svær situation

Tenna Wilbert er leder af Rigspolitiets Nationale Forebyggelsescenter. Hun siger onsdag aften til TV 2:
- Jeg anerkender, at det er en svær situation at skulle indgå i et samarbejde med myndighederne og især politiet, hvis man har brugt det meste af sit voksenliv på at holde sig skjult for dem og stikke af fra dem.


AYGUN MUCUK & GUERILLA NATION MC Hells Angels MC Giessen Germany MC on Guerilla MC Funeral

AYGUN MUCUK & GUERILLA NATION MC & ELITE NATION MC Hells Angels Giessen Germany MC on a Guerilla MC funeral (Music Version)

NO PARLE - THAT`S THE SPIRIT..... Johnny Depp Dresses Up as Captain Jack Sparrow to Visit Children's Hospital in Canada

Captain Jack Sparrow secretly slipped into a children's hospital in Vancouver, Canada, on Monday and the kids couldn't have been more thrilled!

Actor Johnny Depp dressed up as his popular alter ego from Pirates of the Caribbean before visiting BC Children's Hospital. The 54-year-old star kicked off his visit with an arrival tour from three former patients, Aidan Chin, Madison Kertcher and Logan Layand, and was later the guest of honor at a pirate party.

Depp then spent more than five hours hanging out with sick young kids and their families in the oncology, general pediatrics and neurology wards.
"Meeting Captain Jack was a dream come true for my daughter," Sarah Kertcher, mother of 7-year-old "First Mate" Madison said. "He never broke character once and was so generous with his time.

He was truly here for the kids and it brought tears to my eyes to see how special he made each one feel."

© Provided by ETOnline
© Provided by ETOnline
"My roommate and I joked that Johnny Depp would be on the ride," Disney passholder Madeleine Silva told ET. "My friends and I all have passes and hear rumors about him sometimes showing up on the ride, but we never actually thought it would happen!"

Canada - ET.

New Evidence at the Bacon murder trial

I'm not following the Kling Klung con but I will say this. Kim Bolan is reporting that "The day after the shooting, the witness said he was driving along Highway 97 in West Kelowna with Doug Wheeler when he saw James Riach and Matt Schrader in another car."

This new evidence is consistent with what I previously reported. The trial is about the famous shooting in Kelowna where Jonathan Bacon was killed, Larry Amero was wounded and James Riach escaped almost unscratched. When all the bullsh*t was flying fast and furious, I reported that Matt Schrader drove James Riach to Vancouver after the shooting and stored Larry's boat at his house. This new evidence confirms what I said was true.

Kim Bolan is also reporting that "Video surveillance footage played in court showed five people walking toward the Delta Grand from the direction of Rose’s Pub shortly before 2 a.m., the morning of the shooting, then back toward the pub shortly after 4 a.m. 'I was with Jones, McBride, Manny Hairan and Khun-Khun,' said a witness whose identity is protected by a publication ban."

"In another video from later on in the morning, at 4:22 a.m., three people are seen walking from the Delta Grand parkade toward the entrance of the hotel. 'I see myself, Manny and I believe that’s Khun-Khun,' said the witness. A couple of minutes later, three people are seen crossing Water Street toward Clement Avenue and walking down the sidewalk. 'I believe that’s me, Manny and Khun-Khun,' said the witness."

This also confirms what I previously reported was true. Kim previously reported that "In its opening address, the Crown said Schrader had told an associate of the accused that Amero and Riach were in Kelowna that weekend." The crowns own evidence proves that is a bold faced lie.

The police's own witness repeatedly testified that it was him in video surveillance with Manny and Kling Klung the day of the murder. The police witness was the one that told Manny that Larry, James and Jonathon were in town. Matt did not. When Manny said they got he information from Matt that is not true. The information came from Matt through the police witness.

As I previously reported Matt causally mentioned to the police witness that he was just speaking with Larry and James at the Grand. He wasn't ratting anyone out because they were not in hiding. They were running around loud and proud on that stupid boat trying to pick a fight with civilians. The police informant is the one that did what he is falsely accusing Matt Schrader of doing.

The police are lying because they are pissed Schrader hasn't ratted out any of his former associates. They are fabricating false allegations against him to put his life in danger so he will flip and give them information on his former associates. Go f*ck yourselves. Matt Schrader has left the life and has a real job. Get a life and leave him alone. It's a good thing the court puts witness's statements to the test of believability. Too bad the media doesn't.

Canada - GO/DW.

August 16, 2017

REBELS MC AUSTRALIA Interview with Full Members, Prospects, Hangarounds ...




Tre mænd fremstillet - sigtet for skud i halsen og drabsforsøg

Tre mænd sigtes på lige fod for nyt drabsforsøg i Københavns bandemiljø. Konflikten kan være en anden end den verserende mellem LTF og Mjølnerparken.

Tirsdag aften gjaldede politiets sirener ikke bare ud over Nørrebro, hvor en  række skyderier gennem de sidste måneder har gjort borgerne utrygge - men også i andre dele af byen og på Amager, hvor en ung mand blev ramt af to skud.

Klokken 20.50 anmeldte flere beboere på Holmbladsgade på Amager et skyderi, der fandt sted ud for kiosken i nummer 54 - og kort efter, klokken 21.23 kunne Københavns Politi anholde tre unge mænd, der ifølge politiet var flygtet fra gerningsstedet i en bil, inden de blev stoppet ved en tankstation i Brøndby.

Onsdag fremstilles alle tre i grundlovsforhør i Københavns Byret - men én af gangen på grund af det aktuelle trusselbillede, fremgår det.

Først føres en 24-årig mand iført blåt tøj fra Københavns Fængsler ind i retslokalet, hvor han med klar stemme bekræfter, hvem han er - hvorefter anklager Tomas Hugger læser sigtelsen op:

Skudt i ryggen og halsen

- Forsøg på manddrab efter Straffelovens paragraf 237 ... ved i forening og efter forudgående aftale og fælles forståelse med baggrund i en konflikt mellem personer, hvor der som led i konflikten tidligere er anvendt skydevåben, at have forsøgt at dræbe (forurettede), idet de sammen opsøgte ham på gerningsstedet, hvorefter én fra gruppen med en pistol affyrede ikke under to skud mod ham, hvorved han blev ramt mellem skulderbladene med udgangshul i halsen samt i venstre lår, hvor skuddet gik igennem, læser anklager Tomas Hugger op fra sigtelsen, der afsluttes:
- Hvilket forehavende imidlertid mislykkedes, idet han ikke afgik ved døden, hvorefter de sammen forlod gerningsstedet i en flugtbil, der efterfølgende blev bragt til standsning af politiet, afslutter Thomas Hugger. Endvidere er de tre sigtet for våbenbesiddelse.

Nægter sig skyldig

Den 24-årige går kortvarigt ud fra retslokalet for at tale med sin forsvarer Anders Boelskifte - inden han igen sætter sig midt i retslokalet foran dommer Lene Sadolin-Holst.
- Min klient nægter sig skyldig i den rejste sigtelse, siger Anders Boelsskifte. Han fortæller endvidere, at den 24-årige ikke ønsker at udtale sig i sagen.

Anklager Tomas Hugger får ordet og anmoder dommeren om, at dørene til grundlovsforhøret lukkes.
- Det vil jeg, fordi der er en ret vild bandekonflikt i hovedstaden i øjeblikket med en hel del skyderier, siger anklageren.
- Der er heller ikke nogle af de sigtede, der har ønsket at udtale sig til politiet her inden grundlovsforhøret, og dermed mener jeg, der er en helt åbenbar grund til lukkede døre, siger anklageren.

Pressen protesterer mod de lukkede døre - men dommer Lene Sadolin-Holst er klar i sin kendelse:
- Jeg synes, at offentligheden har en ret stor interesse i at vide, hvad der foregår. Jo mere, man holder hemmeligt, jo større mysterie bliver der. Men samtidig må man tage højde for, at der er tale om enkeltpersoner - og for at politiets efterforskning ikke bliver ødelagt, vil jeg til trods for den åbenbare offentlige interesse tage begæringen om lukkede døre til følge, bestemmer dommeren.

Kan være anden konflikt

Intet i politiets sigtelse peger på, at der er tale om den samme versererende bandekonflikt mellem LTF og personer fra Mjølnerparken og Københavns Nordvestkvarter, men der er altså ifølge politiet tale om en konflikt i bandemiljøet, hvor der tidligere har været afgivet skud.

Anklager Tomas Hugger har inden retsmødet givet udtryk for, at han vil bede om lukkede døre.
Offeret for skuddene er er 20-årig ung mand, der ifølge politiet ligeledes har banderelationer.

Denmark - TV2.

August 15, 2017



Hells Angels starts a new chapter in one of Palmerston North's richest streets

An infamous bike gang is keeping its neighbours awake with late-night parties, as the newly-formed chapter makes its presence felt on one of Palmerston North's most affluent streets.

Hells Angels members have converged on the city from Auckland and Whanganui. The new chapter, on Albert St, between College and Ferguson streets, promised to be good neighbours and planned to host a BBQ for those who live nearby. Late night parties have been keeping the neighbours awake at night.
But the open night hasn't happened yet and one woman, whose son lives in the area, says the Hells Angels are partying hard.

Hells Angels sets up a gang pad in Palmerston North suburb (link is external)
Motorcycle gang members descend on Nelson for Hells Angels Poker Run (link is external)

Police Detective Inspector Ross McKay confirmed on Monday that the Hells Angels' Albert St base houses a newly established chapter of the gang. McKay said police had received complaints about the gang's arrival.
"Local residents and members of the public have expressed concern about the presence of a motorcycle gang within their community and the associated behaviour."

He said the complaints were mostly about anti-social behaviour, both in the Albert St area and throughout the city.

To create a new chapter, the gang needed to be sanctioned internationally, McKay said.
"The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has strict rules to ensure the image and reputation of the club is maintained and that it is not infiltrated by rivals or the police."

The Auckland chapter is the oldest one outside the United States and the fourth oldest chapter worldwide. Before setting up the new chapter in Palmerston North, McKay said the closest one was in Whanganui. When the gang arrived in Palmerston North, members letter dropped neighbours, telling them they planned to hold a BBQ in the future to introduce themselves.

In the letter, they also provided a contact number, saying if neighbours have any problems they should get in touch, or come over and talk to them. The woman, whose son lives in the area, said the gang had not held a BBQ and the house was still creating a lot of noise.
"Parties go on till the early hours of the morning.
"It's normally at the weekend. They have no qualms going into the early hours of the morning," said the woman, who didn't want to be named because she feared retribution.
"I live in Cloverlea and there's a few of them living over here as well. They are in our area, these people are everywhere."

McKay confirmed one member of the gang had been trespassed from a licensed property in Palmerston North, a decision made by the business' owner.
"Some towns have centres, such as shopping malls, [that] impose a no-patch rule for their complex."

However, McKay did not believe any Palmerston North shopping complexes had such regulations.

Members of the new gang chapter appeared to have come from Whanganui and Auckland, with some locals hanging around.
"Not all are permanently based here, with numbers visiting the address varying, but there appears to be approximately nine regulars."

Nelson also has a new Hells Angels chapter, when, last year, the MC Nelson gang went from being a prospect chapter to a fully fledged one. The gang has about 4000 to 5000 members in more than 450 chapters Worldwide.

New Zealand - BN.

August 14, 2017

Murder suspects are high-level gang members, cop says

Three men charged with murder in connection with a fatal shooting in Grand Junction five months ago were upper-level members in a national outlaw motorcycle club’s local branch, according to a detective who testified about the gang’s structure in court.

Richard Byrd, 49, Rufus Billups, 42, and Gregory Clark, 39 — each of whom is charged in the March 15 slaying of 38-year-old Dion Nixon at his Grand Junction home — are all members of one-percenter motorcycle club the Sin City Deciples, according to Grand Junction Police Detective Julie Stogsdill, who headed the investigation.

Police believe Nixon was shot to death on the front porch of his trailer at James Trailer Park, 489 28 1/4 Road, after a confrontation with several local members of the Sin City Deciples. Witnesses have told police that Nixon’s girlfriend was the ex-wife of the chapter’s past president.

Speaking last week at an evidence summary hearing for Byrd’s case, Stogsdill said that Byrd, who goes by the nicknames “OG” or “Prez,” is the current president of Grand Junction’s Deciples chapter. Billups, who uses the moniker “Fifty,” is believed to be the chapter’s vice president and Clark, also known as “Shadow,” serves as the current sergeant-at-arms, or enforcer.

The Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club — which intentionally misspells its name — is considered a “one percenter” organization by law enforcement, a phrase that refers to their outlaw status in society. The FBI’s 2015 National Gang Report describes the group as a primarily black gang with male-only membership.

Stogsdill said detectives learned that after Nixon’s girlfriend’s divorce from now-former chapter president Doug Daugherty, she lost her status as club “property,” a term that refers exclusively to female affiliates of some gangs and which implies a somewhat respected standing in the organization. The woman later regained property status after being “sponsored” by members of the Denver and Colorado state chapter, according to Stogsdill.

Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein asked The Daily Sentinel not to publish Nixon’s girlfriend’s name, citing concerns that she could face retaliation from members of the motorcycle club, which has a presence across Colorado.

Adding to the romantic entanglements, Stogsdill testified that Nixon in the past had also dated Byrd’s own ex-girlfriend, a woman who is currently married to yet another motorcycle club member.

Nixon’s girlfriend told police that the night of the shooting, Billups spoke to Nixon by phone over a dispute that arose over Nixon’s treatment of his girlfriend, and over his lack of interest in becoming affiliated with the Sin City Deciples.
“Rufus wanted to explain to Dion what Sin City was all about and explain … to him about her being property, that she’s family or connected to the group,” Stogsdill said, describing Nixon’s girlfriend’s story. “She had related that (Billups and other gang members) were talking to him about the way he should treat their property.”

Witnesses told police that Byrd, Billups and Clark, along with other club members and several women, parked near the trailer park and confronted Nixon, taunting him as he walked back from North Avenue.

Nixon was standing in or near his front door when gunfire erupted, while his girlfriend and several children were in the home behind him. One child said that Nixon had walked back inside the trailer when the first shot was fired, and that Nixon grabbed a gun and went back outside. When he was shot, he fell back into the trailer, Stogsdill said.

The accused shooters fled the trailer park. Neither Nixon’s girlfriend nor any of the children were injured. None of the three defendants has entered a plea. Byrd, who is represented by Public Defender Steve Colvin, will continue his preliminary hearing Aug. 31 before Mesa County District Judge Valerie Robison.

Billups’ preliminary hearing, which included similar testimony as Wednesday’s hearing, was held July 17. In that case, Robison found probable cause for Billups’ charges, but didn’t find “proof evident,” meaning that she couldn’t hold him in custody without bond, according to Rubinstein. After the hearing, Robison set Billups’ bond at $750,000.

Clark is due to appear for his preliminary hearing at 2 p.m. Aug. 28 before District Judge Richard Gurley, court records said.