May 25, 2017

Kim Bolan murder plot revealed during trial

Kim Bolan has been covering the Kevin LeClair murder trial. Now she is reporting that on May 4th the police informant told the court about a plot to kill her. I'm not going to minimize the seriousness of the allegation because it is indeed serious. I will however make two observations.

The first point I'd like to make is that the witness is not credible. We have already established that. I'm not saying there wasn't a murder plot, I'm just saying if there was one, he was likely the author of it. It was probably his idea. As we have discovered, the police informant is a lying piece of garbage. He admitted lying to the police numerous times after he began cooperating with the police and he admitted plotting to rob one of his own associates.

This informant was a low level two bit drug dealer that would rob his own crew. Robbing an associate is not something the UN recommended. Neither was the plot to kill Kim Bolan. It was the low level low life's idea not the UN administration. If the plot came from the UN, it would have been executed. Killing reporters is a serious matter. A reporter in Quebec was shot in the back while he was getting into his car after work for covering the biker war there.

I personally don't have beef with the UN. Selling drugs in clubs or to people who want it and can aford it is none of my business. My beef is with the Janice Shore and the Britney Irving murders which did not involve the UN. At the time of the alleged Kim Bolan murder plot I contacted the UN asking for an interview of Clay Roueche and they told me to f*ck off. There are other things that happened at that time but I will respect confidence by not mentioning them publically.

I will however point out that during my court case a former gang associate in Kelowna found a link on Kim Bolan's blog to the court documents Ian Fraser posted online with my home address. He took a screenshot of my home address and posted it on his public facebook along with a google maps link how to get there. They joked and said I bet he's not staying there tonight. When I asked him where he got that information from he said Kim Bolan's blog.

When I mentioned it to Kim she took down the link but said it was a public court document. True but anyone can black out a home address before uploading that court document online. Keith Fraser did not do that which was a slimy thing to do. It was legal but very unprofessional. He showed absolutely no regard for my safety or the safety of my family. Just saying.

Kim Bolan also reported that the police informant told the court he would post false information on Kim Bolans blog to try and throw the police off his trail. That f*cking idiot sounds exactly like Blaze. The low life dirt bag that was present with Joey Verma when they shot Britney Irving in the back. That useless spec of fly sh*t has zero credibility in court.

Canada - GO/DW.

Fatal shooting in East Van tied to Redd Alert

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A woman who died in hospital after a shooting in East Vancouver has been identified. Janice Nicole Bryant, a 33-year-old Vancouver resident, was shot in the street near East 7th and St. Catherines Street around 5 p.m. Tuesday."

The Gangsters Out News Syndicate is reporting that this woman was the wife of a Redd Alert member known as G for Glen Nelson. Local Sources claim that G (glen Nelson) was a redd alert member that was the most well known and started the push back in the dtes 5 years ago.

G was shot by the skeena projects and survived. He found out he was shot by Steele who was a BC Redd Alert leader. Steele got shot in the stomach on pender street as I reported August of last year. Local sources claim that Steele retaliated the retaliation by shooing G's wife. With friends like that, who need enemies? Redd alert as we all know sell drugs for the Hells Angels and control the drug trafficking in the DTES for them. Not that anybody cares. Just sayin.

Update: On Friday at 8:30 there will be a candlelight vigil in Janice Bryant's honor against gang violence at commercial and broadway. Executing someone's wife crosses the line.

The Black Mafia - Gang/Crime Documentary HD 2017

Outlaws challenging ‘motorcycle clubs throughout Florida,' cops say

Motorcyclist David “Gutter” Donovan, in town for the Leesburg (link is external) Bikefest, went to a Circle K gas station to buy cigarettes, but when he walked out he had a knife to his throat, arrest reports released Wednesday show.

Outlaws Motorocycle Club members forced him to kneel down and shot Donovan several times in the back April 29 after he refused to take off his Kingsmen Motorcycle Club jacket, the report said. Donovan, 41, died two weeks later.
“The ‘Outlaws’ had been challenging several motorcycle clubs throughout Florida to either join their ranks or submit to their authority,” according to a report that sheds light on the shooting.

In what police called a coordinated attack, a group of about 15 of its members spread out “at strategic points” at the Circle K at 3300 W. Main St., about three miles from where Bikefest was held in downtown Leesburg. Then they told several Kingsmen to strip off their “cut,” meaning their cut-off vests and club insignias.

Two suspects were arrested last week in a multi-agency operation. Marc “Knott Head” Knotts, 48, and Jesus Alberto Marrero, 35, were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. Two other suspects, identified as Gregory “Stinky” Umphress, 32, and Miquel Angel Torres, 37, remain at large.

Police also are looking for the shooter, who has not been identified.
“The investigation is ongoing, and updates will be provided when and if they become available,” Leesburg police Lt. Joe Iozzi said.

Members of the two clubs immediately recognized one another at the Circle K that Saturday night, according to police interviews with Kingsmen. But the bikers told police they didn’t feel in danger because they weren’t affiliated with any of the Outlaws’ rivals and went inside Circle K to buy cigarettes.

The Outlaws then gathered briefly in a circle before spreading out “in what appeared to be an orchestrated and deliberate manner to secure the perimeter,” sending a small group after the Kingsmen inside Circle K, according to investigators’ review of surveillance footage.

Police said Outlaws members told Kingsmen to surrender their insignias, put a knife to Donovan’s throat and directed him to the outside corner of the business below a mounted security camera.
It’s a spot that police believe was “preselected” by the Outlaws to conceal the incident.

When Donovan refused to take off his jacket, citing club loyalty, Knotts told the Outlaws to “shoot that mother-[expletive], the report said. The other Kingsmen ran inside the convenience store and hid behind a shelf, telling the store clerk to call 911, the report said. One member told police he opened the door and shot in the direction of the Outlaws, leaving Knotts with a bullet wound in the shoulder and thigh. Another bullet was prevented from penetrating his lower back due to Kevlar attached to his riding vest.

In a review of the surveillance footage, police said Outlaws appeared to be unhurried while making their escape on their motorcycles.
“Some members remained in place in what is perceived as a measure of security of high-ranking members making their escape,” the report said.

Knotts was found lying beside his Harley Davidson 110 feet from Donovan with a .22-caliber pistol. He was flown to a hospital and later recovered from his wounds. On May 17, Knotts was arrested outside the Outlaws’ clubhouse in Ocala. A Leesburg detective met with Knotts at the perimeter of the clubhouse, which is fortified with walls and surveillance cameras, Iozzi said.

He asked the detective for “10 minutes to make a phone call, put boots on,” and soon after surrendered himself, Iozzi said. Kingsmen told police they were aware of an Outlaws decree that all clubs either join them or disband but “wrongly believed that they would be able to escape this movement.”

Transcripts of the 911 calls and the store’s surveillance video can’t be released because the investigation is ongoing, police said.


May 24, 2017

Pablo Escobar's son claims his father worked for the CIA

The Daily Star is reporting that Pablo escabar's son said: "In my book, I tell the story of my father working for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against communism in Central America." (Just like Gary Webb discovered in Nicaragua) “What the CIA was doing was buying the controls to get the drug into their country and getting a wonderful deal."

This allegation is believable because it fits in with what we already know about Iran contra at that time. In Operation Watchtower, Colonel Edward P. Cutolo testified that the cargo flown from Colombia into Panama was cocaine. Cutolo also testified the planes were met by Col. Tony Noriega, a Panama Defence Force Officer assigned to the Customs and Intelligence Section and CIA Agent Edwin Wilson.

Oliver North supervised the CIA's cocaine trafficking in Iran contra. Everything he did he was told to do. That is why they made him a Fox TV news host after his pardon. Pablo Escobar got screwed over by the CIA just like Manual Noriega and El Chapo. The CIA have a history of f*cking people over that sell drugs for them.

Canada - GO/DW.

Hells Angels sets up a gang pad in Palmerston North suburb

Members of an infamous biker gang who have set up  base in an  affluent Palmerston North suburb plan to put on a barbecue to introduce themselves to neighbours. A two-storey brick property on Albert St in Hokowhitu may appear unassuming, but it is now home to the Hells Angels Central gang.

The Hells Angels was established in Auckland in 1961 and was the first  chapter to be established outside of California, United States.
Hells Angels has set up base in the Palmerston North suburb of Hokowhitu.
Hells Angels has set up base in the Palmerston North suburb of Hokowhitu.
A woman, who did not wish to be named for fear of retribution, said the group moved in just before Christmas last year.

Sixteen gangs represented in Manawatu (link is external)

Fights in gang spurred by death  (link is external)
Gang boss can keep car and cash - judge (link is external)
Documents reveal Nomads' fighting  (link is external)

Her son lives in the area and she said they initially thought it was just a crowd of "bogans".
"Parties go on till the early hours of the morning. There are big dogs on the property. They have guards at the door 24/7."

It was not until neighbours were delivered a letter that they realised who the new residents were.
The letter, obtained by Stuff, informs neighbours that the Hells Angels Central chapter had moved into the street.

It provides a contact number and says if neighbours have any issues they should get in touch, or feel free to come over and talk to them.
"We will do our best to keep the noise down and in the near future would like to have a BBQ and invite the neighbours over to meet and greet some of us and have a look around," it says.

But the woman said she did not think this was inviting to neighbours.
"Who in their right mind is going to get in touch and make a complaint?
"I think a lot of people are quite frightened."

She said they had a party on Saturday, which saw people doing burnouts on their bikes out on the street. But she said time would tell what the gang would be like as a neighbour.
"They could be above board, they could be great, they could do things for the community. I don't know."

A member of the Hells Angels was approached for comment but said he was not able to do so at this stage. Gang expert Dr Jarrod Gilbert said the letter drop may have been a result of the Hells Angels learning that it was important to get on with neighbours.

"The community has to accept the group, in some part."
Gilbert said neighbours of such clubs were often incredibly safe as they tended to have good surveillance.
"They often tend to be quite good neighbours, but often there is a bit of noise."

He said he could understand why some people might be sceptical.
"People will be frightened. But what you'll find is if you speak to neighbours who have been around that group for a long time, that attitude changes."

Figures released under the Official Information Act in 2015 show gang member numbers were so low in Manawatu that an exact number could not be released.

However, Whanganui was recorded as having 15 Hells Angels members. Police acting Manawatu area commander Inspector Dave White said police were aware people with connections to a criminal organisation had recently moved into the property on Albert St.

He said anyone who noticed anything suspicious could contact the police or give information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

  • Whanganui Black Power president Craig Rippon was murdered on November 8, 2015, though not as a result of rival gang tensions. 
  • Two-year-old Jhia Te Tua was murdered in 2007 when she was shot during an altercation between the Mongrel Mob and Black Power gangs.
  • A high-profile case of gang tension in Manawatu occurred in 2002 when Black Power prospect 16-year-old Wallace Whatuira was shot dead. The three men accused of shooting the teen were Mongrel Mob members, but the prosecution against them was withdrawn.
  • The Nomads was another gang involved in a high-profile incident in 1993 when Foxton GP Howard Teppett, 79, died after being bashed by two young men, one a Nomads prospect.
New Sealand - BN.

Bandidos Inc.: Tough-as-nails riders are now a nonprofit group

In the wake of a federal racketeering indictment in San Antonio that targeted three top leaders, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club has opted to put on paper what they have argued all along, that they are not a gang but a legitimate brotherhood of motorcycle riders.

In March, the Bandidos’ national board and interim president, William E. Sartelle, formed a nonprofit corporation called USARG Inc. to represent the Bandidos and to handle the group’s charitable contributions. Sartelle, Timothy W. Harper and Marcos M. Flores, all of the Houston area, are listed as directors.

On May 3, USARG filed an assumed name certificate with Texas’ Secretary of State Office to conduct business as the Bandidos Motorcycle Club United States.
“It was announced at the presidents’ meeting on January 28, 2017, that a non-profit corporation would be set up and that all chapters would be entering into licensing agreements in order to continue to be Bandido chapters,” according to an affidavit obtained by the San Antonio Express-News. The affidavit is signed by William S. Morian Jr., who became general counsel for the Bandidos in early May.

The meeting in Las Vegas included presidents from the 123 licensed chapters of the Bandidos in the United States, court records said. In an interview with the Express-News, Morian said USARG Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.
“They’ve been operating as a motorcycle club for many years,” Morian said. “Steps were taken just to update their status. Bill Sartelle, and the national chapter, took steps to put it on paper.”

The Bandidos were formed in the Houston area in the 1960s and earned an outlaw reputation, using the motto: “we are the people our parents warned us about.” They are considered Texas’ ruling biker club. The Bandidos have drawn headlines mainly for crimes of members, but some chapters have been in the news for conducting toy drives for children and motorcycle runs for charity.
“The money raised by USARG Inc., no one receives that money in their pockets, it’s all used for charitable purposes,” said Morian, of Jasper. “None of the Bandidos or the board use those funds, it’s not for personal gain.”

USARG will regulate the Bandidos trademark and its logos. Morian said the USA club has not been affiliated with international groups carrying the Bandidos name since 2006.
“If some pop-up club tries to use the logos or trademarks that belong to the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, then obviously the corporation can file an injunction or seek damages,” Morian said.

A rival club, the Hells Angels, has filed trademark suits in more than a dozen cases in federal court, alleging infringement on apparel, jewelry, posters and even yo-yos, according to news reports. The Hells Angels have also challenged Internet domain names and a Hollywood movie — all for borrowing the Hells Angels name and insignias. The defendants have included Dillards, Toys “R” Us, Alexander McQueen, Amazon, Saks, Zappos, Walt Disney and Marvel Comics, the reports said. Another longtime motorcycle club, the Boozefighters, also has previously registered as a nonprofit, according to Morian.

Morian also said the nonprofit incorporation move is aimed at helping dispel myths about the Bandidos — law enforcement has painted the group as a criminal organization, calls it the “Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization.” Law enforcement blamed a deadly melee and shootings at a restaurant in Waco in 2015 on the Bandidos clashing with a smaller group, the Cossacks, though many bikers dispute that account and blame police for the violence. Dozens of attendees were indicted on state charges in Waco, and some are awaiting trial.

Separately, in January 2016, federal prosecutors in San Antonio obtained a racketeering indictment charging the Bandidos’ then national president, Jeffrey Fay Pike, 61, of Conroe, vice president John Xavier Portillo, 57, of San Antonio, and national sergeant-at-arms Justin Forster of San Antonio. The indictment, revised twice since then, has added other alleged Bandidos, accusing them of murder in furtherance of the organization’s racketeering. Pike, Portillo and Forster are accused of sanctioning violent acts listed in the indictment, including attacks on rival bike clubs and murder.
“Yes, things have happened over the years to individual members that may have been (wrongly) attributed to the club,” Morian said. “Look, these members are all men, big guys, ominous, but they’re hard-working, they pay insurance, buy braces for their kids and have jobs just like everyone else. One bad thing happens to a Bandido and the media and law enforcement want to attribute it to the organization. There is no organized criminal structure in this club, period.”
“If a San Antonio Spur commits a violent crime, it shouldn’t be attributed to all the San Antonio Spurs,” Morian said as he listed other groups that might get wrongly blamed for the act of one member.

Pike stepped down as president after his arrest in January 2016, and Sartelle took over for a period, though a meeting was held Friday to discuss the future leadership, according to court records. Morian said Sartelle is no longer national president, and the Bandidos decided to have its board run the group. He said he was “not at liberty” to say how many members are on the board.

In the latest revised indictments, prosecutors added four alleged Bandidos, charging them in the killing of a man in Austin who reportedly tried to start a chapter of the Hells Angels. Anthony W. Benesh III was gunned down by a sniper in 2006 in front of his girlfriend and two children as they left Saccone’s Pizza in Austin. The indictment added San Antonio residents Johnny “Downtown Johnny” Romo, 47; Robert Romo, 45, Jesse James “Kronic” Benavidez, 40, and Norberto “Hammer” Serna Jr., 35, as defendants — alongside Pike and Portillo.

Portillo has remained in jail without bond since his arrest in January 2016, while Pike was released last year on bond. Forster took a plea deal and awaits sentencing. In mid-May, prosecutors at first consented to Pike’s request to a San Antonio judge for permission to travel outside of Texas, but then filed a motion in mid-May to have him detained. It says the feds learned that Pike had re-assumed his post as president of the Bandidos.
“To re-assume the top leadership position of a criminal enterprise, while on bond for racketeering charges stemming from his leadership of that same organization, exhibits unfathomable disregard for the seriousness of the charges he faces,” the government’s motion said. “It also drastically raises the likelihood of his participation in, or association with individuals engaging in, criminal activities, and undermines this court’s supervision and role in ensuring the community remains safe.”

Pike’s lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, countered in a court filing last week that Pike has been a model defendant while on pretrial release. And while there had been discussions of having Pike return to the presidency, it ultimately did not happen, and Pike is also not a director in USARG, DeGuerin wrote. No hearing has been scheduled yet to take up the request to detain Pike. Trial is tentatively set for February.


May 23, 2017

Apparent Hells Angels member killed in Riverside gas station shooting

A man believed to be a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang was fatally shot at a Riverside gas station, and police are searching for his killer. Officers responded to a call of a shooting at a Shell gas station at 3502 Adams St. in Riverside shortly before 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

A gas station employee, who made the 911 call, said the gunfire took place directly in front of gas pumps, Riverside police said. According to authorities, five motorcyclists who appeared to be part of the Hells Angels gang were passing through town and stopped at the gas station to fuel their motorcycles. Suddenly, a silver four-door sedan pulled up, a passenger got out and started shooting at the group. Two people were hit. One motorcyclist was grazed by a bullet that hit his helmet. Authorities said he will be OK.

A second motorcyclist was also struck by gunfire. Emergency crews from the Riverside Fire Department provided immediate medical aid and transported the victim to the Riverside Community Hospital, where he later died from his injuries, police said.

The coroner's office later identified him as James Duty, 31, of Orange.
After the shooting, the suspect got back in the passenger side of the sedan and the car fled westbound on the 91 Freeway.

Police are still trying to figure out why the gunman opened fire. Police do not have a description of the shooter.
"Right now, we don't know what the motive is. We are confident that these five had some type of affiliation with the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, but we're looking into where they were at. Was there some type of problem earlier? We don't know that yet," said Officer Ryan Railsback with Riverside police.

Investigators have collected surveillance video from the gas station but have yet to release the footage to the public. Detectives from the Robbery-Homicide Unit and the Gang Intelligence Unit were investigating the incident.


May 22, 2017

Man killed in Riverside gas station shooting

A man was killed in a Riverside gas station shooting possibly involving what appeared to be members of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang.

Officers responded to a call of a shooting at a Shell gas station at 3502 Adams Street in Riverside shortly before 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

A gas station employee, who made the 911 call, said the gunfire took place directly in front of gas pumps, Riverside police said. Once patrol officers arrived, they found a man suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound. Emergency crews from the Riverside Fire Department provided immediate medical aid and transported the victim to the Riverside Community Hospital, where he later died from his injuries, police said.

The victim's identity was pending a coroner's investigation.
Men wearing jackets from the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang were spotted at the scene being questioned by police, but authorities did not disclose whether they were suspects in the shooting.

Detectives from the Robbery - Homicide Unit and the Gang Intelligence Unit were investigating.


Polisen: Stöldligor har etablerat sig i Sverige

Stölder av bildelar har blivit en miljardindustri för kriminella i Sverige.

Polisens huvudmisstänkta: Stora stöldligor från Litauen som har kommit till Sverige med just syftet att begå brott.
– Det är ett stort problem i Sverige som vi måste komma till rätta med, säger Peter Lundberg, kriminalinspektör vid polisen.

Varje år stjäl utländska stöldligor för miljarder kronor i Sverige, enligt polisens nationella operativa avdelning, Noa. Enligt en kartläggning gjord av myndigheten handlar det framför allt om organiserade grupperingar från framför allt Litauen, Polen, Rumänien och Georgien.

Ligorna misstänks liga bakom en stor del av villainbrotten, stölderna av jordbruksmaskiner och nästa alla bildelsstölder i Sverige.
– De har under en längre tid etablerat sig i Sverige. Till en början kom de i enskilda bilar och stal arbetsverktyg och begick mindre stölder. Under tiden har de vuxit sig starkare och övergått till mer avancerade stölder, exempelvis lyxbilar och lyxbildelar, säger Ville Paloheim på Noas underrättelseenhet.

Så många reservdelar stjäls

Reservdelsstölder per märke 2016:
BMW, 2 024
Mercedes, 383
Volvo, 302
Volkswagen, 260

Antal stöldtillfällen per geografiskt område, 2016:
Stockholm, 1 738
Västra Götaland, 642
Skåne, 407
Halland, 126
Jönköping, 73
Värmland, 60

Skadekostnad 2016:
212 000 000 kronor (ökning med 104 procent, jämfört med 2015)
Källa: Larmtjänst

LÄS MER: Så länsar tjuvarna din bil med nya metoden

Sweden - Exp.

(ENGLISH SUB) Hells Angels Germany member Frank Hanebuth talks about his 2 years in a Spanish prison (Interview from 2016)

Comancheros bikie jailed for at least three years after stabbing man in front of daughter

A bikie who stabbed a father in front of his terrified young daughter in Adelaide's north has been sentenced to at least three years in jail.

Raymond Patrick Harley Jones was convicted of aggravated causing harm with intent to cause harm when he failed to show up to the last day of his trial in October 2016.

The 30-year-old was on the run from police for two months before he was arrested in December last year. South Australia's District Court today heard Jones launched an unprovoked attack on a man outside a house in Blakeview in February 2015, in what Judge Geraldine Davison described as "fortuitous violence".

"There was no justification for your behaviour whatsoever on this day," she said.

The court heard when Jones and another man turned up at the house, someone yelled "the Commies are here", in reference to Jones's association with the Comanchero Motorcycle Club.

Victim stabbed while trying to flee with daughter

The owner of the home ran out the back of the house and on to the roof where he called police. The court heard the victim, who was inside the home, picked up his seven-year-old daughter and tried to escape, but was stabbed as he attempted to leave in his car.
"The victim was so frightened and concerned for his daughter that he drove off without realising he had been stabbed until he saw blood everywhere," Judge Davison said.

Judge Davison said the attack had changed the victim's life forever.

"He is haunted by the terror and fear of his daughter as she was screaming at him in the car," she said.

"He said he was so focused on trying to calm her down and reassure her that everything was going to be OK that he didn't even feel the knife at first."

The court heard Jones, who has five children, had an extensive criminal history and had not shown any remorse over the stabbing. Judge Davison said she did not accept submissions from Jones's lawyer that he was no longer a member of the Comancheros.

She said his step-father, who died while Jones was in custody, had been a member of the Gypsy Jokers.
"You were surrounded by that culture from a very early age and it was submitted that it is not surprising that you turned then to a life of an outlaw motorcycle gang member yourself," Judge Davison said.

She sentenced him to five-and-a-half years in jail with a non-parole period of three years.

Australia - BN.

Präsident der United Tribuns geht gegen Ärzte vor

Der Chef der Kieler Rocker Gruppe United Tribuns wurde 24 Mal wegen Körperverletzung verurteilt.Im Januar starb seine bildhübsche Tochter Gina (29) in seinen Armen – an Krebs.

 Michael Behrens macht die behandelnden Ärzte dafür verantwortlich und geht jetzt gegen sie vor. Er kann sich genau an jeden einzelnen Tag erinnern, an jede Uhrzeit, an jedes Ereignis, an all das, was das Schicksal seiner Tochter Gina besiegelte. Er blättert durch Papiere, um sicher zu gehen, dass er nichts vergisst. Das ist ihm wichtig, denn schließlich geht es um Gina. Am 31. Januar ist seine Tochter gestorben mit gerade einmal 29 Jahren. „Sie ist in meinen Armen eingeschlafen“, sagt Michael Behrens Präsindent der United Tribuns MC Kiel. Tränen laufen dem Präsidenten der United Tribuns über die tätowierten Wangen.

Als seine Tochter starb, hatte sie einen 16-monatigen Leidensweg hinter sich. Im September 2015 erhielt sie die Diagnose: akute Leukämie. Es folgten Chemotherapien, Reha-Aufenthalte und eine von ihrem Vater und der DKMS (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei) initiierte Typisierungsaktion (wir berichteten). Schließlich die rettende Nachricht, dass ein passender Spender gefunden wurde. „Gina war so glücklich“, erinnert sich Behrens. Jetzt sollte alles wieder gut werden. „Nach der OP waren die Werte super.“ Nur ihr Immunsystem sei noch im Keller gewesen, und das linke Bein habe ihr noch weh getan. „Das ist ein eingeklemmter Ischiasnerv, haben die Ärzte gesagt.“ Die Schmerzen im Bein habe Gina von Anfang an gehabt, deswegen sei sie 2015 überhaupt zum Arzt gegangen, erzählt der 53-Jährige.
„Ich werfe mir heute vor, dass ich sie da nicht früher rausgeholt und eine zweite Meinung einholt habe.“ Behrens greift nach seinem Handy und zeigt MRT-Aufnahmen. Denn Gina hatte keinen eingeklemmten Ischiasnerv, sondern einen Tumor in der Hüfte, der sich schließlich in den Rücken ausbreitete. „Am Ende konnte sie ihr Bein nicht mehr bewegen.“ Irgendwann konnte sie dann auch ihren Arm kaum noch bewegen, die Schmerzen wurden immer schlimmer. „Am Ende hat sie Morphium gekriegt. Anders war das nicht mehr auszuhalten.“ Nach der Diagnose fährt der Vater mit Gina nach Heidelberg zu einem Spezialisten. „Aber der hat nur noch den Kopf geschüttelt. Es war zu spät.“

Jetzt will Behrens weiter für seine Tochter kämpfen. „Sie hat sich immer wieder gefragt, warum die Ärzte nicht auf sie gehört haben. Dann könnte sie jetzt vielleicht noch leben.“ Schließlich habe sie den Ärzten immer von ihren Schmerzen im Bein erzählt. „Aber die Ärzte sind immer bei der Ischiasnerv-Geschichte geblieben“, so Behrens. Auch als er Gina, die vor Schmerzen schrie, in die Notaufnahme des UKSH gebracht habe, sei die Diagnose nicht revidiert worden. Stattdessen wollte man sie in die Schmerzklinik einweisen und dort medikamentös so einstellen, dass sie schmerzfrei ist. Davor sei ein MRT gemacht worden, darauf war der Tumor deutlich zu erkennen. Das war Ende Dezember.
„Ich weiß, dass jeder Mensch Fehler macht“, sagt Behrens. Dennoch will er nicht ruhen. „Ich habe Gina versprochen, darauf aufmerksam zu machen, um ihr so Gehör zu verschaffen. Das, was sie bei den Ärzten nie erreicht hat.“ Ihre Geschichte könne doch nicht wie ein Buch einfach so zugeklappt werden, nur weil sie nun sterbe, habe Gina ihm kurz vor ihrem Tod gesagt. „Du musst Dich darum kümmern, hat sie mir gesagt, und dafür sorgen, dass sie zuhören. Auch bei anderen Patienten.“

Wütend macht Behrens vor allem, dass die Ärzte nicht dazu stehen, dass sie eine falsche Diagnose gestellt haben und sich entschuldigen. „Das ist etwas, was ich eigentlich erwarte.“ Ob ein Behandlungsfehler vorliege, versuche nun die Rechtsmedizin herauszufinden, die alle Unterlagen vollständig untersuche, so Oberstaatsanwalt Axel Bieler: „Wir haben hinreichende Anhaltspunkte, dass ein strafbares Verhalten vorliegen könnte.“

Gina Behrens war im September 2015 an Leukämie erkrankt. Nach einer Spende schien sie zunächst geheilt. Sie litt allerdings unter immer stärker werdenden Schmerzen im Bein. „Der Ischiasnerv sei entzündet, haben die Ärzte immer gesagt“, sagt Michael Behrens und kämpft immer noch mit den Tränen. Denn Gina hatte keinen entzündeten Ischias, sondern einen Tumor in der Hüfte, den die Ärzte erst erkannten, als es zu spät war, erzählt der Vater. „Sie hat ihnen immer wieder erzählt, dass sie Schmerzen im Bein hat. Aber die Ärzte sind bei der Ischiasnervgeschichte geblieben.“ Deshalb habe er Anzeige erstattet.

Das Universitätsklinikum kann zu den Ermittlungen nicht Stellung nehmen: „Es ist uns unmöglich, uns zu äußern, da wir keine Entbindung von der ärztlichen Schweigepflicht haben – und es sich um ein laufendes Verfahren handelt“, sagt UKSH-Pressesprecher Oliver Grieve. Das Städtische Krankenhaus habe Kriminalpolizei und Staatsanwaltschaft bei den Ermittlungen voll unterstützt, betont Geschäftsführer Roland Ventzke. „Wir sind der festen Überzeugung, dass die ärztliche Behandlung nach allen Regeln der Kunst abgelaufen ist“, so Ventzke weiter.

Germany - Bild.

Hells Angels wollten Bandidos Party stürmen

Weil der Kölner Bandidos Rocker Präsident Aykut Ö. am Freitag mitten in Köln City seinen 30. Geburtstag feierte, tauchten am Abend jede Menge verfeindete Hells Angels auf den Kölner Ringen auf – sie wollten die Bandidos BMC Cologne Geburtstagsparty sabotieren!

Die Polizei war mit einem Großaufgebot vor Ort, sperrte in der Innenstadt die Limburger Straße und den Hohenzollering/Ecke Friesenplatz weiträumig ab. Die Lage drohte in der Nacht zu eskalieren, als die Hells Angels, die bis dahin über Stunden von Polizeikräften eingekesselt wurden, plötzlich die Durchgangssperre auf der Limburger Straße durchbrechen wollten, um zum Club Königswasser Cologne zu kommen, in dem die Bandidos Rivalen ausgelassen feierten.Doch der Polizei gelang es, die Rocker aufzuhalten – durch Einsatz von Schlagstöcken und Reizgas!

Kölns Hells Angels Präsident Andre K. forderte einen Polizisten aus einer Einsatzhundertschaft auf: „Löst diese Party sofort auf. Und ich will mit dem von euch sprechen, der hier diesen Einsatz leitet.“ Ein weiterer Kumpane drohte: „Wenn ihr diese Veranstaltung nicht sofort stoppt, dann sind gleich 200 Mann von uns hier.“

Die Polizei nahm mehr als 40 aufgebrachte Kölner Hells Angels in Gewahrsam.
Ein Sprecher zu BILD: „Es betraf ausschließlich Personen aus dem Rockermilieu der Hells Angels. Inzwischen sind alle wieder auf freiem Fuß.“ Die Bandidos Fete im „Königswasser“ mit rund 100 Gästen sei laut Polizei „bis morgens um 6 Uhr ohne Zwischenfälle und friedlich“ über die Bühne gegangen.

Da die Polizei anlässlich der Geburtstagsparty bereits im Voraus mit Randale zwischen den Bandidos MC und den Hells Angels MC gerechnet hatte, standen Freitag schwer bewaffnete Polizisten mit MPs an beiden Straßenenden der Limburger Straße und vorm Königwasser.

Eine junge Geschäftsfrau am Freitag: „Wir wurden gar nicht informiert, was hier los ist. Heute früh wurden plötzlich hastig überall auf der Straße Parkverbotsschilder aufgestellt.“ Sie macht ihren Laden schon um 16 Uhr dicht, ist sichtlich sauer: „Soweit ist es schon gekommen: Jetzt wird für Rocker eine Straße komplett gesperrt, damit die in aller Ruhe abfeiern können – nicht zu fassen!“

Nach BILD-Informationen ließ Rock-Boss Aykut Ö. für seine Party einen Star-DJs aus Dubai einfliegen und Go-Go-Tänzerinnen für seine Rocker-Kumpel tanzen. Erwartet wurden Bandidos Mitglieder aus ganz Deutschland und Europa (u.a. Frankreich, Dänemark).

ABER: Hinter der Mega-Sause steckt eigentlich eine ganz andere Botschaft: „Diese Bandidos Feier ist nichts anderes als eine Kampfansage an die Hells Angels, die im Kölner Milieu eigentlich das Sagen haben.“ Die Botschaft der Bandidos Köln an die Höllenengel: „Wir kommen, um zu bleiben: Köln ist jetzt Bandidos Land!“

Der Insider weiter: „Sonst hätte eine solche Party im Ruhrgebiet, einer Bandidos-Hochburg, steigen müssen, und nicht in Köln.“

Ähnliche Themen:
Germany - Bild.

May 21, 2017

Politiet: Slik ville skuddsiktet ødelegge for etterforskning av drapsforsøk

<p>VIL DEKKE OVER: Politiet mener at en av de siktede etter skytingen mot utestedet Calles mat og vinhus i Oslo, ville påvirke vitner.</p>
VIL DEKKE OVER: Politiet mener at en av de siktede etter skytingen mot utestedet Calles mat og vinhus i Oslo, ville påvirke vitner.
Foto: Lise Åserud, NTB scanpix

32-åringen ga ifølge politiet instruksjoner i et brev om hvordan andre involverte i skytingen mot utestedet Calles Mat & Vinhus skulle forholde seg i avhør.

I desember i fjor ble det løsnet skudd mot utestedet Calles Mat & Vinhus i Hausmannsgate i Oslo. 

Minst fire skudd gikk gjennom vindusfasaden. Skuddene ble avfyrt fra en svart Jeep. På innsiden satt gjester og spiste. Til alt hell ble ingen skadet.

Den første som ble pågrepet i saken, og som satt varetektsfengslet siktet for drapsforsøk, er en 32 år gammel mann tilknyttet gjengmiljøet i hovedstaden. Han var tidligere medlem av den kriminelle gjengen Young Guns, men brøt ut av miljøet for 3-4 år siden.

VG får opplyst at politiet mener at to av mannens familiemedlemmer fikk et brev fra 32-åringen med instruksjoner om hvordan andre som var involvert i skytingen skulle forholde seg i avhør.

Det skal også ha gått fram opplysninger om hvordan man skulle fjerne bevis i tilknytning til den pågående etterforskningen av drapsforsøk mot en eller flere personer ved Calles Mat & Vinhus.

Politiadvokat Ane Evang ønsker ikke å kommentere VGs opplysninger, ettersom skytingen fortsatt er under etterforskning og fordi det gjenstår flere vitneavhør. Det har ikke lyktes VG å få kontakt med 32-åringens forsvarer, Trygve Staff.


Det ble besluttet å pågripe og ransake familiemedlemmene og deres leilighet. Politiet fikk også adgang til å ransake PC-er og mobiler. Pågripelsen ble begrunnet med bevisforspillelsesfare.
<p>BILEN: Denne bilen skal gjerningsmennene ha skutt fra. Den ble seinere funnet forlatt på Grünerløkka.</p>
BILEN: Denne bilen skal gjerningsmennene ha skutt fra. Den ble seinere funnet forlatt på Grünerløkka.
Foto: Lise Åserud, NTB scanpix
I oktober i fjor ble han til påtalemyndighetens overraskelse frikjent av Oslo tingrett for en annen skyteepisode:

I mai i fjor avfyrte 32-åringen to skudd mot et medlem av Young Guns på utestedet «Da Vinci» i Mona Lisa-huset. Han hevdet nødverge, og ble trodd av retten. Tidligere er han dømt for kidnapping, vold og ran.


Totalt ble fire personer pågrepet etter skytingen mot Calles mat og vinhus. Alle er nå løslatt, ettersom politiet mener det ikke lenger foreligger bevisforspillelsesfare.

Ifølge den siste fengslingskjennelsen er mistanken mot 32-åringen begrunnet med bakgrunnsinformasjon om siktede, fornærmede og forholdet dem imellom, samt opplysninger om familien og omgangskretsen til de to. 

Retten mener det er sannsynlig at det over lengre tid har vært en konflikt mellom 32-åringen og den fornærmede. Begge har ifølge kjennelsen anmeldt hverandre for henholdsvis trusler og falsk anmeldelse. Den 30 år gamle mannen som skytingen skal ha vært rettet mot, har en tilknytning til utestedet, ifølge VGs opplysninger. Han har tidligere jobbet ved et annet utested hvor han er dømt for grov vold.

- Oppsøkt etter skytingen

Det skal ifølge kjennelsen også foreligge opplysninger som gjør at det er grunn til å mistenkte 32-åringen for å ha vært involvert i selve skyteepisoden. Disse funnene er omtalt i klausulerte dokumenter.
«Retten viser videre til at fornærmede oppsøkte siktedes hjem kort tid etter skyteepisoden 16. desember – angivelig for å "ta siktede" – og retten legger på bakgrunn av dette og sakens øvrige dokumenter til grunn at fornærmede mener siktede har en rolle i skytingen.»

32-åringen har derimot forklart at han var på Ammerud da skytingen fant sted, og at disse opplysningene kan bekreftes av familie og trafikkdata.

Norway - VG.

Insane Situation in Indiana Most Dangerous Prison

May 20, 2017

Mongols M.C. - Siamcity Chapter 5 Year Anniversary

5 YEAR Anniversary Party in Chiangmai Thailand

Feds charge 83 gang members with murder, other crimes across Charlotte region

Suspected Blood gang members arrive at the Federal Courthouse in Charlotte on Thursday, May 18, 2017. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, with the help of state and local law enforcement, conduced a massive round up of suspected gang members early Thursday morning, according to multiple media outlets. It was part of a gang take-down operation that spanned the east coast.
Suspected Blood gang members arrive at the Federal Courthouse in Charlotte on Thursday, May 18, 2017. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, with the help of state and local law enforcement, conduced a massive round up of suspected gang members early Thursday morning, according to multiple media outlets. It was part of a gang take-down operation that spanned the east coast. David T. Foster III

A massive federal crackdown on gang operations in four states led to the arrest Thursday morning of dozens of alleged members of United Blood Nation, an organized crime group with ties across Charlotte and along the East Coast, a new indictment says. In all, 83 people were named in the federal indictments, including nearly 30 who were already incarcerated for other crimes. Ten of the suspects remained at large Thursday, including nine members of the Trey Gangsters, an arm of the United Blood Nation.

Six hundred officers participated in the sweep, officials said.
Charges outlined in a sweeping 162-page indictment connected a web of seemingly unrelated crimes in the Charlotte region that go back at least to 2015, including multiple murders, racketeering, firearms trafficking, robbery and bank fraud. Gang members are tied to at least seven killings and multiple shootings.

The reach of the gang extended from small North Carolina towns like Concord and Shelby into prisons of multiple states. In one 2016 example, UBN members smuggled cell phones, narcotics, marijuana and razor blades into the Pasquotank Correctional Institution in Elizabeth City, federal authorities say. The indictment also details gang efforts to traffic heroin, cocaine, narcotics and firearms.

The FBI, joined by state and local law enforcement agents, began rounding up the suspected gang members early Thursday, and vans filled with the prisoners began arriving at the federal courthouse in Charlotte before 10 a.m.

Seventy-three of those named in the indictments were in North Carolina, with smaller groups rounded up in South Carolina, New York and Florida. FBI officials said 25 were arrested in Charlotte, 14 in Cleveland County, four in Anson County, one in Gaston County and five were found in eastern North Carolina. In South Carolina, two were arrested in Myrtle Beach and one in Columbia.

Two dozen of the 83 people were already incarcerated in North Carolina and three are incarcerated in New York. United Blood Nation, an East Coast offshoot of the better-known Bloods gangs of California, is well known around Charlotte and a frequent target of law enforcement. It also cites a series of crimes committed in Florida, including Pensacola, Pace and Gulf Breeze.

The Shelby Star reported Thursday that 26 of the people captured in the roundup were from Cleveland County, and that a large police presence was focused on the Patterson Springs community, south of Shelby.

A 2015 indictment named 12 Charlotte members in connection with three murders, including the October 2014 killings of Doug and Debbie London, who were shot down in their home to keep them from testifying against the UBN members who tried to rob their mattress store.

Now a new list of defendants, with gang names ranging from “Hardbody,” “Lady Rude,” “Kutthroat” and “Lady Gunz” have been accused of a total of 20 crimes in Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord and Shelby, six North Carolina counties in all.

The indictment also alleges illegal activity as far away as the Florida panhandle and the New York prison system. Other crimes are noted without mention of locations. In other sections of the indictment, purported gang members are accused of passing bad checks or using phony credit cards involvings tens of thousands of dollars in transactions.

But there is also page after page of violence:
▪ The indictment accuses Shamon “Rugie” Goins of murder in the May 16, 2010 murder of Devon Clement.
▪ Four other men named in the indictment are linked to the Nov. 27, 2015 killing of Chris Odoms in Cleveland County.
▪ Two other defendants are accused of the Jan. 26, 2016 murder of Jimmy Ray Daniels in Halifax County, and the wounding of two others.
▪ Gang members are also charged with the Feb. 19, 2016 of Cheeontah Howard at a Gastonia motel.
▪ The indictment links five gang members to the July, 2016 killing of Malik Brown in Chapel Hill.
▪ Another gang member is accused of the April 2016 killing of Donnell Murray in Shelby.

Among the details included in federal documents is the fact that the gang, founded in the early 70s, has a military-like set up, with each member having a rank, and an authority centralized in New York and the New York prison system. The gang has rules of conduct, codes and colors of communication, and membership requirements that include something called a “beat in,” during which perspective members are beaten by the gang for 31 seconds.

The Bloods also have a long-term and often lethal rivalry with another dangerous gang, the Crips.


Queensland consorting laws: Outlaw gangs rev up again

NEW outlaw motorcycle gang chapters are springing up and fresh outbreaks of bikie violence are erupting as gangs stare down the Palaszczuk Government’s new bikie laws. Six months after the new legislation was introduced to replace the former Newman government’s controversial VLAD laws, police say new bikie chapters have emerged in the Beenleigh-Logan area and gangs including the feared ­Comancheros are pushing to establish a foothold in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

The shooting of a Lamborghini-driving Coolangatta tradesman last month was believed to have been carried out by bikies seeking to muscle in on a southern Gold Coast bar. In April, members of the ­violent Lone Wolf gang – infamous for once cutting off a Coast drug dealer’s ears over a debt – brazenly ambushed and bashed a man in broad daylight outside a Coolangatta pub. In February, the Crime and Corruption Commission smashed a major ice and cocaine syndicate linked to the Hells Angels, and operating out of the Tedder Ave restaurant strip at Main Beach.

The Palaszczuk Government has trumpeted its new serious and organised crime laws as “the toughest and most effective in Australia”. But there are concerns that bikies belted into submission by the VLAD laws are re-grouping, especially on the Gold Coast which has been the scene of violent bikie showdowns, including the 2006 “Ballroom Blitz” at Royal Pines Resort and the 2013 Broadbeach brawl.

Queenslands anti-bikie laws will be repealed and replaced. Courtesy: 7News Queensland
Police say bikie gangs, while no longer openly roaring through the streets in gang ­colours, are continuing to fiercely control patches of turf.

The official number of patched bikies in Queensland has fallen from 1158 in late 2013 to 696 today, but police are keeping a close eye on gang membership levels as bikies test the new laws.

Detective Superintendent Mick Niland (pictured), head of the bikie-busting Taskforce Maxima, said that “pockets’' of new bikie chapters were ­emerging around Beenleigh and Logan. Supt Niland said police were “embracing” the new laws and have so far charged nine bikies with wearing gang paraphernalia in public and issued more than 100 warning notices under anti-consorting provisions which came into force in March.

Australia - BN.

Polisen jagar man med vapen – ska ha skjutit

Polisen jagar en beväpnad man i Stockholm. Enligt uppgifter till Expressen ska mannen ha öppnat eld i Rinkeby – och sedan flytt i en Mercedes.
– Vi har inlett en förundersökning om försök till mord, säger Anders Mattsson vid polisens regionledningscentral.

Det var under natten mot lördag som en man ska ha öppnat eld utanför ett flerfamiljshus i Rinkeby i Stockholm. Området spärrades av och ett stort polispådrag skickades till platsen.
– Någon har skjutit mot någon, säger Anders Mattsson.

På bilder från platsen kan man se hur polisen markerat tomhylsor på platsen där skjutningen ägt rum.
– Det är väldigt oklart vad som hänt, säger Anders Mattsson.

Har någon kommit till skada?
– Det är också oklart. Det kan jag inte säga.

Skytten jagas av polis

Den personen som skjutit uppges dock inte vara gripen. Enligt uppgifter till Expressen jagar polisen nu mannen, som ska ha flytt i en Mercedes.
– Vi har inlett en förundersökning om försök till mord, säger Anders Mattsson.

Sweden - Exp.

May 19, 2017

Hells Angels Funeral of Mario Amtmann without Colors & Patches.

HELLS ANGELS GERMANY Funeral of Mario Amtmann, One of the founders of Hells Angels MC in Germany

Satudarah MC Versus the Police + interview with one of the founders of Satudarah MC

(English subtitles) Satudarah MC Holland and the Police on Moluccans independence Day + interview with one of the founders of Satudarah MC, Xanterra Manuhutu

Vi har aldri tidligere sett noe lignende

<p><b>FIKK PÅSTANDEN:</b> Den hasj- og korrupsjonstiltalte eks-politimannen Eirik Jensen i tingretten.</p>
FIKK PÅSTANDEN: Den hasj- og korrupsjonstiltalte eks-politimannen Eirik Jensen i tingretten.
Foto: Tore Kristiansen, VG

OSLO TINGRETT (VG) Påstanden om 21 års fengsel for tonnevis med hasj og grov korrupsjon er unik i norgeshistorien.

– Så enkel mener vi vurderingen av skyldspørsmålet er: Det kan ikke være noe annen forklaring enn at Jensen er Cappelens medsammensvorne, sa aktor Kristine Schilling mot slutten av sin prosedyre i tingretten fredag.

Aktor: 21 år fengsel for Jensen – 18 år for Cappelen
Hun hadde brukt fire timer på å argumentere for hvilken løgner den tiltalte eks-politimannen Eirik Jensen er. «Løgn», «løgn», «løgn» ble konklusjonen på alt hun startet på. 

Forklaringene til Jensen er ikke troverdige, sa Schilling, som i sin prosedyre ga en rekke eksempler på at politimannen først har nektet, så innrømmet, skiftet forklaring eller tilbudt oppkonstruerte forklaringer som hun ikke fester noe tillit til.

Bare luksusklokken Jensen selv innrømmet å ha mottatt av Cappelen, er nok, sa Schilling, som kalte det «en fullbyrdet korrupsjonshandling». Om hans bortforklaringer på den samme klokken, sa hun:
– Jensens forklaring er noe av det mest utrolige og lite sannsynlige og mest tilpassede versjonen som er kommet frem i hovedforhandlingene.

Strafferabatt: Derfor mener påtalemyndigheten Cappelen fortjener det

Og da hadde hun ikke engang begynt med badet til Jensen. Slik gjør inntrykk. Og prosedyren var overbevisende fremført og argumentert av aktor Schilling. Hun slapp atombomber jevnt og trutt gjennom hele dagen, på det som må ha vært Jensens aller verste dag. Selv satt han og pustet oppgitt, ristet på hodet, noterte, tok på øretelefoner og himlet med øynene. Og da påstanden om lovens strengeste straff kom, hadde angrepene vært så tøffe så lenge, at det nesten ville vært ulogisk om påstanden ikke ble 21 år.

DIREKTE: Følg prosedyren her.

Vi ante det altså alt fra tidlig av. Men det var unektelig spesielt å sitte i retten og høre at aktoratet mener politistjernen Eirik Jensen skal straffes med 21 års fengsel. Ikke bare er det lovens strengeste straff, en sjelden påstand i norske rettssaler. Bare en håndfull personer har endt med så streng straff på 2000-tallet. Vi snakker om folk som Breivik, Stig Millehaugen og Viggo Kristiansen.

Karakterdrap og lovord: Politikollegenes beskrivelse av Jensen (VG +)

Vi snakker om kriminelle handlinger som vi ikke har parallelle eksempler på i vår moderne historie. Mens andre hasjkriminelle opererer i gram og kilo, er det i denne saken snakk om tonn. Mengdene med hasj er så store, at det i seg selv ville vært nok til langt over 21 års fengsel, om det ikke var maksimumsstraffen i Norge.

Cappelen om badet: En bonus til Jensen

Og det er dessuten snakk om millioner av kroner. For i tillegg kommer korrupsjonen, med en strafferamme på ti år. Og det finnes ikke eksempler her hjemme på andre politimenn, eller for den del andre myndighetspersoner, som har stått tiltalt for å ha latt seg smøre over så mange år, på en så grov måte.

Tvert om, Norge har antagelig verdens minst korrupte politi, en etat som nyter stor tillit i befolkningen. Nå finnes det selvsagt noen skitne byråkrater her og der. Men de få som er dømt i Spesialenhetens saker, har gjort seg skyldig i mindre forhold i sammenligning. Det har som oftest vært snakk om noen titusen kroner. I forretningsverden er det rett nok eksempler på langt større summer, men det er en type smøring som sjefene i selskapene først blir motstandere av når den oppdages. Korrupsjonen har hatt som mål å oppnå fordeler for selskaper som Statoil og Yara.

VG-spesial: Viser SMS-ene et kildeforhold, eller samarbeid om hasj?

Det var ikke Jensens hensikt, mener påtalemyndigheten. Tvert om mener de han ødela for sin arbeidsgiver. At han i 20 år har forhindret kolleger å gjøre jobben sin. At han har snudd politiets oppmerksomhet i andre retninger slik at de ikke fikk stoppet noe av den mest alvorlige kriminaliteten som foregikk i distriktet.

Luksusklokken: Jensen nektet for å ha fått den i avhør

Noe slikt har ikke norske jurister vært borti før. De må lete i utlandet for presedens. Men påtalemyndigheten mener likevel saken ikke gir rom for tvil. «Det bør ikke være noen tvil». «Etter vår oppfatning er det ingen tvil» gjentok Schilling gjennom hele dagen. Hun brukte sterke ord, som «hoderystende», og at hun ble «uvel» av Jensens virksomhet.

Få flere kronikker og kommentarer: Følg VG Meninger på Facebook!

– Vi er overbevist om at Cappelen har vært Jensens pengekilde i mange år, sa Kristine Schilling mot slutten av sin prosedyre. Før kollega Guro Kleppe tok over:
–  Cappelen har i hele perioden bedrevet den typen kriminalitet Eirik Jensen har vært ansatt for å bekjempe, sa Kleppe. Og:
– Naturlig nok er det ikke mye veiledning å hente i rettspraksis. Eller kanskje heldigvis, sa Kleppe, før hun la ned spesialenhetens påstand om at Jensen skal straffes hardere enn Gjermund Cappelen, som aktoratet mener skal ha 18 år.

Nå er aktoratet ferdig med sin jobb i Oslo tingrett. Om det er nok til å overbevise dommerne, eller om de finner rimelig tvil, gjenstår å se. På en foreløpig ukjent dag en gang etter 23. mai vil dommen falle i en av norgeshistoriens mest spesielle rettssaker.

Norway - VG.

UCLA expert explains what the MS–13 raid means

Shortly before dawn Wednesday, federal and local law enforcement agencies arrested nearly two dozen alleged members of the gang known as Mara Salvatrucha, or MS–13.

These raids took place throughout Los Angeles, Torrance, Palmdale, Orange County and Northern California. The sweep has been called the largest ever conducted in Los Angeles. Law enforcement officials believe it will deal a critical blow to the leadership of MS–13.

For more on this notoriously violent gang, KPCC’s Alex Cohen spoke with UCLA’s Jorja Leap, who specializes in gang activity. The following interview has been edited slightly for length and clarity.

MS–13 is now an international gang, but they were born and bred right here in Los Angeles in the 1980s. Can you remind us of the history here in Southern California?

They began in the Pico Union neighborhood in Central Los Angeles, and they really organized to provide local residents with protection from other gangs, most notably 18th Street. MS–13 was composed of immigrants largely from El Salvador, but also from Guatemala and Honduras.

What do you mean by ‘protection?’

There were immigrants in the central Los Angeles area that were being intimidated, and frightened, and harassed, and also even killed by the dominant gangs in the area, particularly 18th Street. Some of [the MS–13 gang members] were said to have been former rebels, former freedom fighters. There is a mystique around MS–13 about why it arose, but it is generally contended that MS–13 organized to protect local residents. And please understand, I’m not trying to say they had all these very positive intentions. It was from the beginning a very violent gang.

This sweep came as the result of an investigation which lasted more than two years. How hard is it to crack down on a gang like Mara Salvatrucha?

It’s incredibly difficult to crack down on any gang, because there is a lot of loyalty, a lot of silence, a lot of suspicion of outsiders. In addition, since 2004, MS–13 in particular has been the focus of many FBI task forces and government organizations that have been investigating them, so they are inherently very, very suspicious, very protective, and do not want anyone to learn about what they are doing. If you snitch, if you give out information, the punishment is going to be death. We’re not small-time here. It’s very serious.

Officials are saying that more than half of those arrested are immigrants who have been living here in the U.S. illegally. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck insists that these suspects were only targeted because of their alleged ties to the gang. Meanwhile, we are learning that during President Trump’s first 100 days, arrests of immigrants are up 38 percent nationwide. Can we really extricate the immigration issue from this situation around Mara Salvatrucha?

Absolutely, yes, because there have been FBI task forces, gang task forces, threats identified since 2004. And in point of fact, as you stated, this raid was the result of two years of work. If someone came and said, “Yeah, this raid was organized in the last 30 days,” I would say absolutely it’s related to what Trump sort of alleges — which is completely incorrect — about MS–13.

President Trump, who basically needs a primer on gang organization, among other things, stated that the gang exploded during the Obama administration due to the lax immigration policies of President Obama. However, the fact of the matter is this is a gang that exploded during the 1980s and the 1990s, and it was primarily during the administration of George W. Bush.

It also was not because of immigration into the United States. It was because from central Los Angeles, many of these key figures were deported back to El Salvador, and this was a practice that continued. And what happened when they were deported was they recruited more gang members from young men in El Salvador and brought them back across the border. I’m really sad to say that this was a gang that was created or was enlarged through deportation. But what Chief Charlie Beck said was absolutely the truth. This was not an immigration issue. This was a criminal issue. And I think we’ve got to be very, very clear about that.

Officials are saying that this is going to deal a critical blow to MS–13. Your thoughts on the effect of this?

One is I really want to believe what Chief Beck says, because this is a notoriously violent and horrendous gang. But it’s almost like [Hydra] — you chop off its head, and it grows two or three heads back. The other thing is the unintended consequence, that I alluded to, when individuals from MS–13 are deported — they go, they recruit, they bring more individuals, or more individuals come back across the border, even if they don’t return. And that’s because there is so much poverty and so much strife in Central America that the young men there are ripe for recruitment. They’re frightened, they’re intimidated, and they come to the United States of America, and the gang replenishes.


Vagos Biker Crash 2011

Man with ties to Bandidos indicted in Abilene man's murder

A Jones County grand jury indicted a man with ties to the Bandidos motorcycle club Thursday on a charge of first-degree murder. Wesley Dale Mason is accused of fatally shooting Dusty Childress, 39, on March 4, said Jack Thompson, Jones County District Attorney's Office investigator.

If convicted, Mason faces from five to 99 years or life in prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000.
Mason remains in the Jones County Jail in lieu of a $500,000 bond. The Jones County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call that came in at 9:43 a.m. March 4 about a man who had been run over and shot on County Road 341, according to Reporter-News archives.

Childress was transported from the scene to Hendrick Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Mason allegedly left the scene in his pickup following the shooting and wound up in a borrow ditch about a half mile away. Police later picked him up at a residence on Private Road 343.

Mason, who had a gunshot wound to his left foot, was taken to Hendrick Medical Center. After he was released, he was arrested and transported back to Jones County. The confrontation was allegedly biker gang related, according to archives.

In May 2016, Mason pleaded guilty in 42nd District Court in Abilene for moving the body of a man murdered in December 2014. He received eight years deferred adjudication (probation) with a $1,000 fine for the second-degree felony charge of tampering with evidence-human corpse, according to Reporter-News archives.

Police said Mason moved the body of Carey Rod Tate. He was arrested Sept. 24, 2015. A witness told police Mason allegedly “provided a dog kennel and dolly to put the body in and transport it to Hawley.”

John Patrick Gutierrez, originally charged with murder, avoided trial for his role in Tate’s death, instead serving a life sentence for tampering with evidence, A court document revealed police also said they tracked cellphone communications between Mason and Gutierrez, and they were able to “show Mason’s cell phone GPS location pinging near the discovery of Tate’s body.”

Tate’s remains were found in Hawley more than a month after his death, according to Reporter-News archives. As part of Mason’s agreement, the state dropped a case against him for an aggravated assault connected with the Nov. 2, 2013, stabbing of members of the Cossacks motorcycle club in the parking lot of Logan’s Roadhouse in Abilene.

Mason, “a self-proclaimed former member of the rival Bandidos motorcycle club,” testified he stabbed the Cossacks in self-defense during the trial of Bandidos leader Curtis Jack Lewis, who faced the same charge but was acquitted.


Police report Hells Angels expected to visit Verde Valley this weekend

Jerome Police Chief Allen Muma said he is making preparations for a visit from nearly 200 Hells Angels this weekend.
“That’s the information we have and we are preparing for,” said Muma.

He is confident in the information source, he added.
The police chief said the visitors will be staying in Cottonwood, but he is making sure that his town is ready. Cottonwood Police Commander Jody Makuch said there will be increased staffing over the weekend, which is normal protocol whenever a large group comes to the community for an event.

Raul Garcia, Public Information Officer for Arizona Department of Public Safety, said AZDPS has assigned staffing from the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) and its Gang Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GIITEM); and Highway Patrol Division (HPD).
“AZDPS has assigned both Divisions to coordinate and work with the Cottonwood Police

Department, Clarkdale Police Department, Camp Verde Marshal’s Office, Jerome Police Department, Sedona Police Department and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office during the weekend of May 19 – 21,” said Garcia in an email.
“These additional law enforcement officers (LEO) will remain visible and mitigate the additional traffic influx and incidents that could occur due to the additional traffic that is anticipated with the annual west coast run that the motorcycle club has scheduled for that weekend,” Garcia continued.

AZDPS said they routinely work with its law enforcement and governmental partners on many projects including motorcycle club runs such as this one several times per year. Muma said his department will double its manpower for the busy weekend. Scheduled events for the hillside town include the Jerome Historic Home and Building Tour, a large wedding, and the celebration of life for Don Robertson – the founder of Gold King Mine Ghost Town.

The police chief said he is preparing for around 500 to 1,000 visitors this weekend.


May 18, 2017

Party With MC & Gjengkriminalitet 2017

Murder verdict reached in biker gang trial

Three men accused of invading a rival club’s meet-and-great at a Columbus sports bar and initiating a brawl that led to a fatal shooting inside the business were found not guilty Wednesday afternoon.

James Daniels Jr., DeMark Ponder and Daginald Wheeler were found not guilty (link is external) of charges of murder, robbery, aggravated assault, using a gun to commit a crime and three counts of violating Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act. Wheeler was also found not guilty of an additional count of violating the gang prevention act. Ponder was guilty of lying to police.

Dominic Mitchell was fatally shot at the 4th Quarter Sports Bar & Grill, 6959 Macon Road, where the Strikers Motorcycle Club was hosting a meet-and-greet. In less than a minute a brawl broke out inside the bar as the Outcasts wrested a signature vest away from then-Strikers club president Hilliard London. During the fight, Ponder twice shot Mitchell in the chest.

Jurors began their deliberations about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, and left for the day around 4 p.m They returned Wednesday at 9 a.m. Earlier Wednesday before the verdict was reached, Judge Bobby Peters learned jurors were complaining the foreperson in the trial of three alleged biker gangsters charged in a fatal 2015 shootout had contact with a spouse’s friend who once was a pledge to the Outcast Motorcycle Club.

The three defendants on trial are associated with that group, which was accused of firing more than 70 shots in the parking lot outside a Macon Road bar. During the shootout, defendant Ponder was wounded in the leg. He and codefendant Daniel, both Outcast pledges, raced from the bar to the emergency room at St. Francis Hospital, where Daniel remained while Ponder was being treated. In court Wednesday, the jury foreperson told Peters that having learned a friend of her husband’s formerly was an Outcast pledge, she contacted the friend to ask whether an Outcast pledge under club rules would be allowed to leave a fellow biker who was wounded. The friend answered “no,” she said, and she passed that on to the other jurors.
“Just that question is all I asked,” she said. “I didn’t even have a conversation. I texted him.”

The other jurors were outraged. Peters called in another juror who had complained about the foreperson. She said the other jurors wanted her off the panel: “There are 10 people who have a problem with her calling a person.”

With the attorneys tacit agreement, Peters dismissed the foreperson, replacing her with an alternate juror. The newly constituted jury then was called in and again instructed to have no contact with anyone outside the jury room. Jurors then returned to the room to elect a new foreperson and restart their deliberations with the alternate. Alternate jurors hear all the evidence at trial, but they do not join deliberations unless called to replace someone who can’t continue.

Columbus just held a trial of three Crips gang members charged with assassinating a man outside Peachtree Mall in 2016. Judge Frank Jordan Jr. replaced the foreperson on that jury after other jurors complained she was refusing to deliberate, and insulting and intimidating jurors who disagreed with her.

That jury eventually found the defendants guilty on all Counts.


Outlaws members arrested for fatal shooting during Bikefest

Police on Wednesday arrested two men they believe were involved in a deadly shootout between rival motorcycle clubs during Leesburg Bikefest last month. Marc Edward Knotts, 48, was arrested at 2140 N. Magnolia Ave. in Ocala, which is the address listed for the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Jesus Alberto Marrero, 35, was arrested at a separate location.
Police also have warrants for Miquel Angel Torres, 37, and Gregory Alan Umphress, 32, for conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping in the April 29 shooting death of David Russell James Donovan, 40, of Homosassa.

Torres is also wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in an unrelated incident.
All of the men reportedly belong to the Outlaws. Police say they took Donovan to the side of a Circle K convenience store, threw him to the ground and beat him, then shot him.

Donovan, a member of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club who went by the nickname Gutter, was shot three times and died at a Sanford hospital sometime between late Saturday and early Sunday morning, police say.

Leesburg police spokesman Lt. Joe Iozzi said they have not determined which man shot Donovan.

Several motorcycles remained in the Circle K parking lot after the shooting, and responding officers were told the shooters were driving off. Officers were able to stop two of the three fleeing bikers.

Knotts, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was shot in the back, arm and leg. He was treated and released from the hospital. His primary residence is listed as Morgantown, West Virginia.
Iozzi said investigators know who shot Knotts, but he has not been charged yet. Iozzi said there had been prior friction between the two motorcycle clubs, but officers don’t know if a specific event led to the shooting


May 17, 2017

Keine Neuigkeiten zu Mord an Aygün Mucuk

Der Mord am Gießener Hells Angels President Aygün Mucuk war am Wochenende Thema im HR-Fernsehen. Die Staatsanwaltschaft äußerte sich nun zum aktuellen Fahndungsstand. Vor einem halben Jahr wurde Hells Angels MC Boss Aygün Mucuk vor dem Clubheim in Wißmar von 17 Kugeln niedergestreckt, und noch immer gibt es keine heiße Spur. Das bestätigt Thomas Hauburger von der Staatsanwalt Gießen. Auch der Fahndungsaufruf am Samstag in der Sendung »Kriminalreport« im HR-Fernsehen brachte bisher keine neuen Erkenntnisse.

Der HR hatte den Rocker Mord zusammen mit zwei weiteren ungeklärten Morden in einem Kurzbeitrag vorgestellt. In dem etwa eine Minute langen Beitrag wurden Archivaufnahmen unter anderem vom Polizeieinsatz am Morgen nach den tödlichen Schüssen gezeigt.

Die Mörder von Aygün Mucuk sind noch nicht gefasst. Die Polizei geht davon aus, dass es zwei Täter waren, die am 7. Oktober 2016 zwischen 4 und 5 Uhr morgens auf den Anführer der Hells Angels Giessen aus etwa fünf bis sechs Metern Entfernung schossen. Für die Ergreifung der Täter haben die Staatsanwaltschaft eine Belohnung von 10 000 Euro und die Familie des Opfers eine von 25 000 Euro ausgeschrieben. Hinweise nimmt das LKA Hessen unter der Rufnummer 06 11/83 83 83 entgegen.

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